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sean caherty (@s.caherty) Instagram Profile Photo

sean caherty

#paintingassculpture handles from cast paint bottles, just paint, excised then mounted

sean caherty (@s.caherty) Instagram Profile Photo

sean caherty

#paintingassculpture from the 'Cast Paint' series

Tara Sami Dutt (@shutterbugtara) Instagram Profile Photo

Tara Sami Dutt

A photograph taken in a modern impressionist style from Monet's bridge. Since Monet painted in the impressionist style, I decided to heighten the contrast and colour to resemble what impressionism could look through my camera's lens. assculpture

l ART CRUSH l Jason Martin is a British artist whose thick and textured paintings have unique sculptural surfaces. Known for his rich monochromatic works, Martin coats oil paint or acrylic gel over a metal or Plexiglas substrate, then uses a comb-shaped tool in the material to create voluminous streaks. - #paintingassculpture @lea.maltese

Thomas Lindvig (@thomaslindvig) Instagram Profile Photo

Thomas Lindvig

Galerie Asbæk

A few more of my works which you can see at @martinasbaekgallery as part of @ardenasbaekgallery // STRUCTURE 4.5 (father and son - trafficker camp, Serbia) Courtesy photographer Bax Lindhardt Diptych Acrylic on paper, handmade oak frame 34,2 X 28,2 X 6,0 CM 2018 assculpture

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