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Maurits Knibbe (@maurits.knibbe) Instagram Profile Photo

Maurits Knibbe

Mater dolorosa - charcoal, gesso & accrylics on paper #paintedsketch

Brooke Schlaphoff (@aaawhyme) Instagram Profile Photo

Brooke Schlaphoff

Jumping on the meme because I can. It was honestly difficult to decide what styles to showcase here, because I have way more than 4 styles. :/ cant we do a 6styles meme? Or 8??? Help, I'm drowning in styles .. . . . . . . #paintedsketch

Downtown Evanston (@downtownevanston) Instagram Profile Photo

Downtown Evanston

Metra Metropolitan Rail

Good morning! Love seeing artists inspired by or connecting to the public art and street scenes in downtown Evanston! Welcome artist Sheila Arita to Evanston! 💫 📷: @sheilarora

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