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Bob Wagners Flooring America (@bobwagnersflooring) Instagram Profile Photo

Bob Wagners Flooring America

When it comes to ideas for staging a house for sale, it’s hard to go wrong with neutral colors. Neutral tones showcase the space’s versatility and help to give potential buyers ideas about how they could decorate. Another benefit of neutral tones is that they are unlikely to “turn off” potential buyers, which is a bigger risk with bold colors like red, purple, or orange. . . #ourtruehaven

dani | interiors (@goldcoastcanvas) Instagram Profile Photo

dani | interiors

Austin, Texas

Hey neighbors! 👋 . A few weeks ago I teased a series on my absolute favorite bedding. 🛏 I’ve spent the past year testing mattresses, pillows, sheets and comforters so that you didn’t have to. Ready for Part One?? Pillows! . My search for the perfect pillow has finally come to an end. 🎉 I purchased an organic pillow from @bollandbranch and realized I never knew what a pillow was supposed to be before then. 💤 . BUT I didn’t stop there. I asked @bollandbranch if they’d be willing to let me try ALL of the pillows they offered - both the Down and Down Alternative fills and the soft and medium/firm densities for each. 😴 I’m convinced they have something for everyone! (My favorite is the Down/Soft and Brad’s favorite is the Down/Medium. Send me a note and I’ll help you find your favorite, too ☺️) . All of their pillows are the perfect mix of softness and support and their focus on responsibly sourced materials makes them an easy company to stand behind. 🌎 . If you’re ready to upgrade to a better night’s sleep, use 50GOLDCOAST for $50 off orders over $200 🛍 . . . #ourtruehaven

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"It’s amazing how just one change can make such a difference in a room. This carpet from @phenix_flooring has made such a big impact in our living room. I love the sophistication it brings to this space." — @robynssouthernnest

A painting by my four year old from pre-kindergarten. It’s even signed.

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Twelve Rivers Realty

Austin, Texas

This cute little living room is giving us all the cozy fall feels right now 🍂🙂 (even tho it's still 90+ degrees outside every day) (lol, texas)⁠ ⁠ P.S. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER OUR ACL VIP GIVEAWAY! Head over to @atxconcertqueen's page to enter. 🌈⁠ ⁠ Lovely living room area designed by @amberinteriors🧡⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ _______⁠ ⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ #ourtruehaven⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠ ⁣⁠

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