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#teamindia 🇮🇳 by Sportwalk

🇮🇳 in 2007: @mahi7781 decided to give Joginder Sharma the final over in the crunch final against Pakistan in the 2007 @t20worldcup .The rest, as they say, is history! . . 👀 Find out why the young captain decided to give Joginder the ball ahead of the more-recognized bowlers in this video! . . #otd

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ORIGINAL Knitwear Grade AA from Japan, USA and Other Country Variation - as in the picture Size - M Fabric Material soft and thick. Very comfortable when wearing . Screenshot gambar & Whatsapp 👇 . #otd

when you're a good person,you don't lose people,people lose you #otd

Slapped my boy @josh240p with a girl that has a bit on her mind, thanks for concept and giving me the freedom to do my thing on one of your first tattoos bro you sat way too well it’s a little unnerving 😅 more weapons and emotional characters please and thanks 🙏🏻👌🏻 for any inquiries dm or (alternatively, FB link in bio)

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Greg Stevenson

@nasasolarsystem Two years ago, our Cassini spacecraft entered the atmosphere of Saturn, becoming part of the planet it had explored for 13 years, as seen in this animation. This was not the end of the story. The science has continued. Here are just some of the discoveries that scientists have made with Cassini data in the past couple of years: ▪️The spacecraft provided intricate detail on the workings of the planet’s complex rings. ▪️Saturn once was ring-less. In fact, the ring system likely formed much later than the planet itself, according to an analysis of gravity science data from Cassini. ▪️Research that emerged from Cassini’s final orbits overturned several ideas about the Saturn system — especially when it comes to the never-before-explored region between the planet and its rings. Science derived from Cassini data will continue for years. Meanwhile, many of Cassini's team members are now focusing their talents on other expeditions to the outer solar system, including our @NASAJuno mission at Jupiter, the upcoming Europa Clipper mission to that moon of Jupiter and the recently-announced Dragonfly mission to Saturn’s moon Titan. Others keep up the watch on the Ringed Planet from closer to home, including the @NASAHubble team, which just released the second image, a bright reminder of all the beauty that Cassini revealed…and all that yet remains to be seen. #OTD

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Valentina Lauricella


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