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Smile Moderne

What to expect and do after in-office teeth whitening... ☑️Avoid any dark staining drinks like tea 🍵, coffee ☕️, red wine 🍷, colored soft drinks 🥤, colored alcoholic drinks 🍹, and fruit juice for 48 hours. ☑️Avoid all dark staining foods like bolognese sauce 🍝, soy sauce 🍣, red or tomato sauce 🥫, red meat 🥩, chocolate 🍫 and all fruit except bananas 🍎🍊🍓🍇🍉🍒🍍🍑 for 48 hours. ☑️No smoking for 48 hours because smoking a cigarette can also stain your teeth. ☑️Mild sensitivity to hot or cold liquids may occur. This usually passes within 1-2 days. ☑️If you experience gum sensitivity, avoid brushing that area when you brush the teeth. ☑️Immediate whitening results can be quite dramatic due to minor dehydration of your teeth. It is normal for the color to tone down somewhat after treatment when your teeth rehydrate to a natural white tone. ☑️Existing fillings, crowns, and bonding will not whiten. ☑️Suggested foods that are ok to consume: plain chicken 🐓, potatoes 🥔, fish 🐟, plain pasta and white sauces, milk, white wine, and other clear foods. ☑️”Touch-up” treatments may be needed every 6-12 months to retain color. Ask us about take-home whitening trays. ⠀ 😁 The results shown above are from using @kulzerna Venus White Max in-office whitening with 38% hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget you can receive a Free in-office whitening with a New Patient Exam 💫💫💫 ⠀ @smilemoderne #orangecounty

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The Listing Bees

Los Angeles, California

Friday is almost here! As you wind your way into the weekend, enjoy the little things in life that we all seem to forget about during the busy work week (Like a beautiful sunrise)!

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