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The Belasco

I’ve watched @wow_davidmclane since I was a kid, when he created GLOW wrestling and now to be producing @wowsuperheroes with him and working alongside an incredibly talented crew E.P / Director(s) @shilohnsinc @hemihambone DP @layogan + dedicated TV production professionals is such an incredible blessing 🙏🏽🎥✨ I’m so thankful for this opportunity and excited for what’s to come 💪🏽 📺 @axstv @axstvfights #network

Aina-Nia Ayo'dele (@aina_nia_ayodele) Instagram Profile Photo

Aina-Nia Ayo'dele

It's just 7 days away!!! Will you be a part of the important dialouges at the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women "Pathways to Exceptional Leadership"  Symposium on Friday September 27th? .... You are encouraged to attend, invite colleagues, co-workers, business partners, associates and friends to be a part of the conversations surrounding leadership, governance, legacy building, health, wellness and more.  There will be opportunites to meet, engage and network with other attendees and many of the outstanding 100ABCWomen that will in attendance. .... To register please visit to secure your spot (link in bio) . . . #Network

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Quebec, Quebec

Another successful week on the market! Wishing everyone a great weekend 😎📈

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Lindsey Broschinsky

Friends!! If you are not cheering on, supporting and collaborating with fellow pros in DIFFERENT companies, you are missing the boat. BIG TIME! A scarcity mindset will tell you to compete and assure you that there isn’t enough room for everyone. It will feel territorial and prideful. It will make you feel like you already know it all. An abundance mindset knows that everyone can win. It believes that multiple companies need to succeed to be a creditable industry. It understands that growth and capability are without a final destination. My awesome friend Nora and I learn so much from one another. We push, listen, help and teach each other. We are winning because we believe in the power of leverage. We are motivated because we see lives changed every day. We are excited because we see something so much bigger than ourselves. We are stronger because we lift each other and believe in each other. There is room for everyone at the top. Capability is infinite when tapped in to. Being out of integrity and blindsiding happens every day in every industry, but it doesn’t have to. I’ve seen some super crappy things and I’ve had trust broken. It stings and it also educates. We learn and we grow with every lesson. With the right communication and the right values at the front, anything is possible. Be a good human ♥️ Nobody needs to fail so that you can succeed. Isn’t that so freaking awesome?! 🙌🏻Xo #network @oilswith_nora

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Saquib A. Khan

Rebuild rack dressing, wonderful work done by @keltech.canada ---------------------------------------------------- °Follow @khan_1803 for more awesome content ° ❤ like ° 📝 comment ° 📬 share ° 👇 SPONSORS 👇 : ( DM for collaborations ) . Tag someone who would like it! 📷 By @keltech.canada . #network

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