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Paw It 4ward Foundation (@pawit4ward) Instagram Profile Photo

Paw It 4ward Foundation

Penn Vet

Please meet the newest PI4W little lady Vida fka Mia at ACCT Philly 💕 This little peanut is at @pennvetschool tonight on oxygen to help her breathe easier, while they start her on IV medication. We hope that we got Vida early enough to get her back on track quickly ❤️ Vida was left to fend for herself after her owners abandoned her . We ask you to please keep her in your thoughts as well as Cricket who was saved by the wonderful crew at @outcastrescue and is fighting for her life tonight 😔 These dogs do not deserve to be given a death sentence through disease and contamination that can be avoided. How many more pups will get sick and cost $1000s that YOU must pay for because the city and the mayor will not. Please ask for change for ACCT Philly - we will be sharing initiatives and meetings that you can attend at city hall to ask for change. Now is the time to stand up for the homeless animals of Philadelphia 🙏🏽 #negligent

We Are Fvcking Serious ( Instagram Profile Photo

We Are Fvcking Serious


... so we re-imagined it, right here 🔝 Creativity is what we are good at, much better than our parents, or worse, the guvernment... 👻

Melanie Mcdaniel (@melanie.mcdaniel.9) Instagram Profile Photo

Melanie Mcdaniel

Following on from previous conversion to posts.... ~I opened my studio when I returned from India and continued to live a healthy clean lifestyle and have a mix of , mainly , , mainly and , diet, vego diet no alcohol or drugs. ~I practiced and daily, taught yoga 6 times a week, loved my life, my beautiful family and the was always in the background but I NEVER gave any power to the possibility of it converting into , after all it was only 1 in 5 chance of that happening and its most commonly found in over 65year olds. I continued to diligently had my regular blood tests, which showed NO SIGNS of change and still hasn't. ~March 2016 I had a bulging disc episode, wasn't uncommon after my years in the gym, running, high impact training since the age of 16 and we didn't have good shoes back then.🤩 So off for CT scan for the bulging discs, revealing a lytic lesion at L1, that's what you see in these photos - the hole in my spine. I was referred to a new haematologist because my original one had retired, we had to rule out and this #negligent haematologist didn't even order dye sequencing in the MRI - what I now know to be the imperative part of picking up . In March 2016 I was with a 1cm at L1, my GP did the Happy dance when she gave me the news. ~ Mid April 2019 I had another bulging disc episode, only this time lost power in my left leg too. My ordered me to get a CT scan which apart from the discs being problematic, the 1cm lesion was now 2cm in size and it was being called a something commonly found in teenagers, I was 53years old??? I still didn't get it my was incredibly forceful insisting I saw a neurosurgeon as I was at risk of fracturing my spine. This was all very inconvenient because we were off to Hawaii to visit and I had 2 to teach in August, so I was resistant, especially when my GP said you'll be right, 6-8 weeks for your discs to recover, oh but here's an outpatient referral to see a . Tbc

Winifred The British Bulldog (@winifredthebritishbulldog) Instagram Profile Photo

Winifred The British Bulldog

Dear : I understand the break in rain brought your great joy & the opportunity to force me to be seen in public with you. I do not however accept your #negligent of putting me on a slide without checking the bottom was dry first! . . . . .

Cbepisode •warrior🥊• (@carlitab.episode) Instagram Profile Photo

Cbepisode •warrior🥊•

What’s going on in this scene? Sneak preview pic to episode six!! #negligent get ready for more !!! It’s about to get deep!! 😊👊🏽

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