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“You all taste better when you are all afraid. I am the eater of worlds and of children. And you are next” - Pennywise 🎈 At every kids birthday party there’s got to be an entertainer, just imagine if Pennywise the dancing clown was that entertainment for the party. The set of this picture was built by myself and even but in a few little Easter eggs in the picture. . Like what you see, then I would like to invite you to come and check out my website: where you can see more of my photography art work of your favourite heroes and many other characters and will really appreciate your support. Link to this picture: . official


😁Hey look what washed up on the bank! Quick grab a stick! . 🤪I already got one!!! 🤬POKE!🤬POKE!🤬POKE!🤬 This one takes me back right here! I remember when me and @deadendartwork were kids and would get in to all kinds of trouble. While or Mothers were having to work late shifts down at the local roadhouse, for their Salam’s and PBR! I can still smell the stench of some of those adventures on my shoes! Ahhhh, those were killer times!🤪😂😂 💀 Lake Dio by @galaxy_of_figures 💀 @necaofficial 💀 official

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