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Townify Real Estate Agent Tech (@trytownify) Instagram Profile Photo

Townify Real Estate Agent Tech

Nashville, Tennessee

Greetings from Nashville! Where are you based out of? Comment below 👇👇 (@coolemortgage) Instagram Profile Photo

Buy a home so you can throw cocktail parties with large watermelons. 🤣🤣🤣

Jose A. Alvarado (@yoursocialmediaguy) Instagram Profile Photo

Jose A. Alvarado

San Diego, California

What it looks like: ➡️ A nice polished video . . What it really is: ➡️ An intentional message to SELL a membership by creating a connection through an emotion. 🤯"What I will feel once I join"🤯 🤯"What my life will be like once I join"🤯 🤯"Affirmation as to why I should join"🤯 . . Effectively selling without selling - Fear of missing out on something great, combined with SOCIAL PROOF of others already having made the investment into a "program" and being 100% satisfied with that decision! ✅ . . “Video shouldn’t be the end goal, just a vehicle to deliver a message” 🎥🏆 . . . #mortgageloans

Christian N. Martinez (@christian_themartinezteam) Instagram Profile Photo

Christian N. Martinez

We want to give another congratulations to Avelina Garcia on the successful closing of her refinance today as well! It was our pleasure to be able to assist you on your home financing needs, and it was great to work with you! Thank you again to @tina.castillos for all her help on closing number two for the day with us, and to my team @bere_diaz_de_leon & Julie Bennett! We also want to throw out a quick shout out to Roman Sanchez who was a big help to Avelina throughout the process! #mortgageloans @christian.n.martinez @sergiorios2k

Alex Katsaros - (631) 806-2659 (@alex_katsaros_) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Katsaros - (631) 806-2659

Suffolk County, New York

Congratulations to Chris on the purchase of his new home. I have been lucky enough to work with Chris, his family and friends for many years...they are all great to work with! I would also like to mention that Jodi Fein with Realty Connect USA did a “fine” job handling the real estate side of this transaction for Chris. 💪🏼🏡🍾 loans

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