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Kimberly, Oregon

Tap the heart if you agree - I think sometimes God 👑 will close a window 🖼because we are not supposed to be looking👀 out it. From time to time, we get caught up 💫in things that maybe are not for us🤷🏼‍♀️ He will step👣 in and shut it down with a simple motion 💨while remind⚓ us that we have been given our own deck of cards to play🤹‍♀️. It is so easy to get distracted 🧘‍♀️- sometimes we try to do what is actually his 🌊 job. He then will gently tell us to get back into our car 🚗and drive🛣 because quite possibly we are interfering in someone elses Journey🛤 *Note📃 to self👱‍♀️: You have your hands 🙌 full and a path 🛤 to follow stay on course - Amen 🌈 . . . . . #momtalk via

Kaurageous Mama (@kaurageous_mama) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaurageous Mama

Can’t stress enough how important this is. We can all make ourselves available when we need something; how many of us put other things on hold and choose to be with someone - a partner, a family member, a Friend or even a co-worker? . I like to be around people who choose to be with me. Not those who are compelled to carry on a facade and smile/speak to me just because they have to - either obliges through situation or relation. . It’s toxic. It’s unnecessary. This world is full of happy, honest caring people. Why waste your time around those who would never choose you otherwise? . #momtalk

SAHM Family Inspiration Russia (@momfromsiberia) Instagram Profile Photo

SAHM Family Inspiration Russia

I used my creativity to make up a story and help my son say goodbye to his pacifier without tears. Tim was 22 months old, and I think he was ready for this transition.

Quratul ain Saba|Khayal (@q.a.saba) Instagram Profile Photo

Quratul ain Saba|Khayal

It was Yahya's first day of pre school this week ,He was over joyed while we were going there and I was wondering key koi pre school jatey Huey bhi itna Khush Hota Hai? Aur woh bhi pheley din 🤔.I had made up my mind that he will cry and I had to stay there for sometime to make him comfortable but this "Batameez" Bacha didn't even look for me after entering there.His teacher responded that it's a good thing and It's ok to leave then I came out but went back again, try to peak inside from glass window hoping to see him looking for me but the assistant showed me all good thumbs up and I was standing outside like Bas? that's it? * Yeah time passes and things change so quickly so enjoy a thing or two more or make few more memories while it is still in your hand. It was just for two hours but I admit I felt so good when I went to pick him up and he got emotional after seeing me and started to cry( lol sounds mean but true).A Mom inside me was happy to know that he missed me or I think actually Moms are always feel good to know that they are still important for their kids after new relationships, Their children miss them ,want them around and need them in their lives.What do you think? * He was good just after a while and shared his stories of first day of school(check in stories).Now Hoping for a smooth transition InshaAllah. * Mean while I was super excited about that two hours of "Me" time I got.That story in next post😉 #momtalk

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Ashlynn Joy

American Girl

A few years ago I never would have considered buying an American Girl Doll. But Charlie has asked a couple of years now and a friend gently reminded me that the “doll” season will quickly pass and I will soon miss these days. I’m thankful that I listened. Today was EVERYTHING!! This wasn’t about an expensive doll, but a true experience. Literally one of the best days that I’ll never forget because Charlie loved every single second. I found myself tearing up today as I savored every moment with her. I can’t wait to take her back again! And do this for Faith in a few months. . Have you ever been?

the boob broads (@the_boob_broads) Instagram Profile Photo

the boob broads

Here is a glimpse of some of the women we surround ourselves with. What you don’t see pictured here are the extensions of this community that go on and on. This specific group of women has shared heartache and joy together. We have laughed and we have cried. We have sat quietly next to one another just so the other knows they are not alone. We have cheered each other on!! I hope that each of you are lucky enough to have at least one amazing woman in your community. And when you find them, hold on to them tightly! How I managed to get so damn lucky with all of these ladies and more, is beyond me!! So to my community, thank you! Thank you for being everything I needed and more!! With a grateful heart, Michele

K A T I E _B A R R E R A_ ✌🏻 (@katie_barrera_) Instagram Profile Photo

K A T I E _B A R R E R A_ ✌🏻

Seattle, Washington

Even though your first words include “diaper” & still no “mama”..... I’m still obsessed with ya, kid!♥️⠀ ⠀ What was your babies first words?

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