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Brï Reilly (@freebri_5) Instagram Profile Photo

Brï Reilly

@ashlukadraws: WE ARE MAUNA KEA. Standing in solidarity with protesters on Mauna Kea, protecting the Sacred ‘āina from scientific imperialism. It breaks my heart to see indigenous people and land continue to be dismissed by the state of Hawaii and its wealthy developers. Words from @kanielaing: “You don’t have to be Hawaiian to understand the dangerous precedent this sets. Mauna Kea impacts all of us. It’s an environmental struggle against wealthy developers who seek free reign. It’s a microcosm of what’s happening across Hawaii and the world: profiteers exploiting fragile places without regard for the future. We’re not concerned about how many passive dollars this will bring our economy. We are concerned about whether we will be able to breathe in 20 years, or be out of fresh water, or have any space left in our sacred places, or if the beaches we grew up in still be there. Some things are more important than a quick buck—like our planet’s and peoples’ survival. That would be $1.3 billion well spent. #maunakea ” To support, visit / donate to Hawaii Community Bail Fund (link in highlights) ❤️ ———————- This image was drawn using stills from my friends at @standingabovetheclouds, a beautiful, powerful portrayal of the mothers and sisters at the forefront of the fight to protect sacred land on the Big Island.

Kris Richards (@krisrichards65) Instagram Profile Photo

Kris Richards

"What did you do while you were home sick today, Dear?" Can you see it? He built Mauna Kea. Complete with protesters and a few telescopes., , , , #maunakea

Heart and Soul Collaborating (@meeganheart) Instagram Profile Photo

Heart and Soul Collaborating

Rainbow over Mauna Kea earlier this week. Our intention is one of Connection for All involved. Only once connection is felt can perspectives be truly heard, and compassionate solutions found 🙏 #maunakea

Heather Scott (@heathascott) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Scott

Manta Ray Restaurant

We finally made the effort to dress up for 🍽 dinner 🐠 tonight!🥂 • • • #maunakea

Mililani Mari(まりりん) (@mililanimari) Instagram Profile Photo

Mililani Mari(まりりん)

・ 10/5 ,6 KA HULA HOA会場にて (横浜大桟橋) マウナケアを守るチャリティステッカーを販売します。(500円) 売り上げはハワイ環境保護活動をされてる団体に寄付をします。 デザインコンセプト ↓ アロハな気持ちを持ち皆を守るマウナケア。なので笑顔にしてみました。カフラホアのロゴは、ハワイ島の5つの山と繋げています。頭には13基の展望塔があります。 ハワイ文化に関わらせている私たちにできること。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 #maunakea

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