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. . 新潟旅行🦋 海が綺麗すぎたあ〜(꒪˙꒳˙꒪ ) 小さい頃からの幼なじみでやっと全員で集まれて楽しすぎた♡ #mars

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Made of Mars

An Icy, Terraced Crater - While it may look like a normal crater with an icy center, there's a lot going on in this image. According to NASA, most small impact craters on Mars look like small bowls. However, this one has a hole in the middle surrounded by a long terrace, giving the crater an eyeball-like appearance. These terraced craters highlight how much underground ice is hidden beneath Mars' surface. Basically, the impact was strong enough to smash into the ice but the blast only knocked the surface materials outward, leaving a terracing effect over the unbroken icy bits. The image was taken in 2014 by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona . . . #mars

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Lanzarote, Islas Canarias.

🚀 Ahora que ha puesto de moda caminar por ¿Alguna vez has imaginado cómo sería viajar a Marte? ⠀ 😜 Pues Lanzarote es el lugar más parecido que encontrarás sobre la que se parece a . Te podemos asegurar que caminar entre la lava y sus volcanes hará que te sientas como en otro planeta. ⠀ 🗣 ¿Te apuntas a la próxima excursión? ⠀ ---------- ⠀ 🚀 Now that has made it fashionable to walk on #Mars Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel to Mars? ⠀ 😜 Well, Lanzarote is the closest place you'll find on the that looks like #Mars. We can assure you that walking between the lava and its volcanoes will make you feel like on another planet. ⠀ 🗣 Do you sign up for the next excursion? ⠀ in & &

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