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Chloe & Jordan💫-🌍-✈ (@chloesworld_7) Instagram Profile Photo

Chloe & Jordan💫-🌍-✈


Happy 9 years baby 😘 Doesn't time just fly! . . __ Long status alert __❗ . We've had such an incredible adventure! From back in the days when we lived miles apart 🚗 to all the incredible countries we've explored together. From the first house we called a home 🏠 to not knowing where home is! . Together we've laughed but also been there to pick eachother up when it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. 💜 There's been days filled with chasing stars on Google Maps, partying like we're still 20 and our own in-house version of MKR! 😂 . However, there's also been difficult decisions, gloomy days and hurdles along the way! I've been your side-by-side apprentice on an outback farm....we've gone days without seeing each other due to shift patterns...and over a month due to visas 📂 What is certain though is that we've supported each other in our careers, dreams and cooking skills to get where we are right now! 💕 . And it all started at a rave 9 years ago! 🎶 . Here's to what our future holds.......I Love You Jordan!! . . . . . . #loveandwildhearts

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