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Brookes Beauty Salon

This color was fun last night she had box die on her hair so I had to strip the box die then do what's called a color wheel on her hair and where we wanted red put blond on her roots and then do black on the other ones process and then rinse then red then process it was a long process and night but it was fun. #longprocess

Dogs approve of the new couch! More space to play and sleep! #longprocess

Newest stick and poke; symbol of power #longprocess

We all have so many commitments. . We need to honor those commitments! . I’m committed to completing the 100 workout challenge. I did workout 56 today and I am loving it! . You can join me and start on your own commitment! . What are you committed to?

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Christophe Jobic

Paris, France

Parisian grapes slowly maturating... #longprocess

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