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hanfu漢服 唐制 齊胸襦裙 披帛

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Miracel Juanta

Jump for my love.

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Nate Hinners

Seattle, Washington

I guess I’m feeling nostalgic today. I’ve been thinking about the years @invisiblemily and I spent in Seattle lately, and I’ve been missing it *a lot*. Here are a few of my favorite photos from when we lived there and the stories behind them: 1) Our first wedding anniversary to Orcas Island. A few days after this photo was taken a good friend of mine died and I got laid off from my job. It was a very weird week. 2) This was a first draft of something I made that eventually became the big “Catch Jeremy” campaign for T-Mobile in 2013 to launch their new international data plan. I think it contributed to them having the best sales quarter in history at the time. My ECD was fired shortly after this for being a horrible person to work with. 3) Oof. This was me processing my dad’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis through typography in October of 2015. He was given between 3 weeks and 3 months left to live. I’m beyond grateful to say that’s he’s still with us today. Different than he used to be, but alive. 4) Me. On a beach before traveling for work to Atlanta for a few weeks to work on Coca Cola’s World Cup social media. 5) I was really bored with work and had an idea for a photo. @invisiblemily and I enlisted my old/best ever writer partner @carlamsparks to model. 6) My wife on her birthday and me in love with her. 7) Best photo I’ve ever taken. And my wife looks cool AF. 8) Our bathroom in our apartment had the best lighting ever. . . . #livefolk

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lindsay | florida ☼

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

It’s all about unlearning. Shed the stories others have placed on you... the fears, the projections, the bullshit, the lies. Peel them off, and get to know yourself - the real you. For me, I started peeling them off when i decided to go to yoga teacher training. It was one of my first major decisions FOR ME and only me. It was a turning point and my wake up. Next thing I knew i quit my job and moved to the beach. Layers stripped. So... who are you? Like deep down. What lights you up? I’ll go first. I’m Lindsay. I love being outside, exploring new places, creating art, dancing, swimming, connecting with the earth, and being in the presence of animals. I feel called to help others discover their purpose, live in alignment, improve their mindset, and experience a full and abundant life. I laugh a lot, and have always been good at finding the humor in most anything. Your turn.


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Bada bagh Jaislamer

One of the beautiful King’s gardens in India look stunning using yellow sand as a Material of structure,,,,,, . . อีกหนึ่งที่ ที่สวยสะกดสายตาเลย สถาปัตกรรมหินทรายพร้อมการการสลักที่แยบยล . . #livefolk

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Felipe Páez


Un velero llamado libertad

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