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Bondurant, Wyoming

Now I can get back to my regular scheduled program of elk hunting. 😜 . . . #leupold

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Bagley Outdoors

Manti, Utah

To say I enjoyed myself wouldn’t accurately say it, but I did. The match held by John was a good time. Challenging for sure. I have a few physical challenges that other competitors don’t, but you just work through them and get hits. Everyone in my squad was super helpful. Grateful to them. I don’t know what kind of magic happened, but the wind was practically nothing. So all that left was me as the shooter to make sure I’m putting in practice the fundamentals. I have to say, my rifle is just a precise little shooter. @krg_ops Bravo is just perfect. Best bang for buck for sure. All the features you need, with the potential for more accessories as you see fit. @leupoldoptics mark 5 is the perfect optic hands down. Lightweight and compact makes this this easy to dial and zoom. The power range is perfect. @proof_research is just the icing on the cake. Makes this whole build come in a such a light weight. I’m sub 10lbs. and shooting with no problem watching hits. I may not have all the advantages that some guys do with 20 lbs. rifles, but I’m not sure I want that. My man @hunter_precision put together a precise little shooter for sure. Don’t let anything keep you from shooting. Getting out and honing your skills is important and competitions certainly throw the whole boook at you, but your squad mates will help out and give you tips. I love this sport and the salt of the earth people in it. Especially a the companies behind it. ▫️ ⚜️ #leupold

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Chinh Nguyen

SafeFire Indoor Shooting Range & Retail

Wrapped up another class with my best buddy after 30 years, Dennis Steckler. After all the shooting was done he ended up taking home the “Top Shot” title and won a new #leupold at the Sheepdog Response Class in Portland. It was a great 2 1/2 days. There were definitely challenging parts of the class. And all in all the instructors were great and I felt like I learned some new tools. (@twobluescrews) Instagram Profile Photo

"My First Run and Gun" blog entry now up at

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Logan Valcarce

Trees rubbed, breeze cold, grass grown high, a hog is lurking low. Promising day of glassing today. Are you feeling the hunting season jitters? @kaden.allphin #leupold

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The first season of has come to an end! I had tons of fun running and shooting our local matches this summer. My @dlask.arms.official build ran 100% through 5 matches and thousands of rounds- she’s a beaut! I was beyond happy to finish 3rd for open in the national points race, did not expect that. Big shout out to our sponsor @ramakkosadventure for helping make our local matches possible! #leupold

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