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•Simple Swap: Produce Bags• Most of us are pretty good at bringing our reusable grocery to the store these days. Pro tip if you find yourself forgetting them: keep them in your car. If you are like me, you probably have an over abundance of them so there’s plenty to go around. Keep them in all sorts of places! . But back to produce bags, while the use of reusable grocery bags has become quite popular, I still find myself reaching for those thin plastic produce bags. You know the ones: the clear ones on a roll conveniently next to the fruit & veggies, the ones you may reuse once but are so flimsy you ultimately just throw them away? . REDUCE. Reuse. Recycle. It’s a simple formula we all learned in school but most of us skip to the last one, because it’s the easiest one. But reduce is the the most powerful tool in our arsenal and that’s why simple swaps are so impactful. . Today I swapped my produce bags with these @ecobags_us from @thewildminimalist. In some ways I was surprised how long it took for me to make this switch, it seemed so obvious. That’s the thing, these habits are so ingrained in us. But once you to start to pay attention a lot can change. Think about how often you buy groceries, maybe you use 3-4 of these a trip? Then think about if you made this swap how much less plastic you would be using and how much less will make it into our landfills etc. as a result. As a marketer I can assure you that the less we consume things, the less companies will make which helps with emissions as well. If you want to go the extra mile (full disclosure that I haven’t tried this yet) bring a Tupperware to get your meat at the deli. I’ve heard they are quite happy to accommodate. . Over the next few weeks I’m going to continue to focus on simple ways to reduce waste in our kitchen (the most wasteful part of the house). Would love to hear about anything that’s worked well for you! . . . #lesswaste

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Stand Against Plastic Straws

As an environmental organization and a member of the global community, SAPS would like to thank everyone who joined Greta Thunberg in the recent worldwide climate strikes. It’s a step in the right direction for our planet- but unfortunately, our work isn’t nearly done yet. We must still face mountains of plastic and clouds of carbon dioxide. However, if our global community keeps lobbying for change, change will inevitably come. 🌳🛢🗑 #lesswaste

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Rescue the Blue

Please join @sevencleanseas and like to show them your respect. These guys are giving their best to clean our beaches. . . . @rescuetheblue Follow if you care and join the movement! Let us be the Change! When we don‘t act, who will? SHARE - Every single voice counts TAG - Someone who should see this

🏡Last months have been very busy for me because I DECLUTTERED A LOT from our house in my pursuit towards a minimalist life that leads to a peaceful and straight forward life (I have to admit i still got a lot of things though😂😂but reduced😍). But the things is WE CAN'T REALLY JUST THROW THEM AWAY,coz those things will just land to the LAND FILL. 🙅🙅🙅So from being a silent observer, I was able to use this PLATFORM TO FIND PEOPLE INTERESTED TO MY PRELOVED.💁 . Just for everyone to know, there is a group like this.🙌 WE REDUCE BUYING STUFF ESP THOSE WE WILL ONLY USE ONCE! I like how this group promotes a circular economy. That means you can get an item without buying, saving money and less waste. 😍You use your money to buy more important stuff. You use the space for your work. You will be surprise that THE ONES THAT YOU NO LONGER FIND USEFUL OR "BASURA NA" CAN STILL BE A GEM TO ANOTHER.😉You will be surprised that there are still many items that we do not use but are stored. People there donate things that are still in good condition. This also encourage us to take care of our belongings so it can still be in good condition as we pass it to others. 😊🙋so Pssst, STOP BUYING and HOARDING and pass it on!Most of the times you can see "Looking for and Donating various items" this can be a model for other communities. WHAT YOU DO IS You post and put details.and the interested "Miners" will just arrange pickups or courier.Tried it and it is cool🙋 . Follow my IG: @ambagsakalikasan @azeerangelie LIke my page: Rz bits and pieces #lesswaste

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shower routine ! all the essentials p.s. @leafshave razor is my favorite sustainable switch 😌 and coconut oil is an amazing cleanser + makeup remover, even waterproof makeup

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Anton Wiwoho

Sikat gigi bambu atau bamboo toothbrush, sampah gagang bambu ini biodegradable, dapat terurai menjadi tanah kembali . Yuk, ganti sikat gigi plastikmu dengan sikat gigi bambu karena bambu adalah tanaman yang paling cepat tumbuh di dunia, memiliki zat antibakteri secara alami dan dapat diurai sempurna di alam sehingga menjadi alternatif yang ramah lingkungan. . . . . . . . #lesswaste

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Mama Yentra Creations

We have a small product drop 🤗 Check out the group to see what's in. More to be posted on Tuesday 😍

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Más y menos

Greta Thunberg es una joven activista con sólo 16 años de edad. Durante este último año su nombre y sus acciones para hacer conciencia ante el cambio climático han sido reconocidas en distintos países alrededor del mundo. De sus muchas inspiradoras frases esta es con la que me identifique más. Cuando empecé a llevar este estilo de vida zero waste había días (y uno que otro día sigue habiendo) en los que me sentía muy triste, muy incomprendida, solo veía a mi alrededor gente que no se preocupaba por el planeta, gente que le era indiferente sin importar la edad. Poco a poco he superado este miedo y tristeza y lo he aprovechado para seguir adelante y unirme junto a muchos a este cambio tan radical que esperamos conseguir. Este Viernes que pasó como muchos saben hubo una marcha internacional hacia la crisis climática, y en mi ciudad no hubo excepción, realmente se me salieron unas que otras lágrimas al ver historias de la gente que marchaba en mi ciudad, y en distintas partes de México ❤ No pude asistir por asuntos personales pero me dio alegría ver a tanta gente exigiendo por algo que vale la pena, por una lucha que si perdemos, las otras luchas por las que peleamos no tendrán sentido.

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