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Wofford International Programs (@wocostudyabroad) Instagram Profile Photo

Wofford International Programs

YOBARKK, M.Ed. (@yobarkk) Instagram Profile Photo


Stephaney - Beachbody Coach 💪🤩 (@why.not_101) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephaney - Beachbody Coach 💪🤩

parmar jay 😇 (@jay_king_of_kings) Instagram Profile Photo

parmar jay 😇

🇵🇱Paweł Sutowicz🇬🇧 (@life_and_business_coach) Instagram Profile Photo

🇵🇱Paweł Sutowicz🇬🇧

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Matthew “The Amazing” Flores (@imattflores) Instagram Profile Photo

Matthew “The Amazing” Flores

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Sandro Albano

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Bill Burgos

Online weight Lose coach 💪 (@dedemq) Instagram Profile Photo

Online weight Lose coach 💪

Ini kata @jackcanfield_official ya Thanks for sharing ? ship

Aspire for Equality (@aspireforequality) Instagram Profile Photo

Aspire for Equality

Women face unique challenges when it comes to being perceived as a leader. How do we overcome these challenges, especially if it doesn’t come naturally? Develop an action plan, create a support network, and practice those skills! The 2019 Leadership Presence & Impact workshop will help you cultivate the leader within and empower you to overcome your fears and become the confident leader, even when you have self doubts. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, grow and be inspired: link in bio to register! hip

Tonya Kiz Danee' (@tonyadanee) Instagram Profile Photo

Tonya Kiz Danee'

San Diego, California

Reinventing yourself after corporate can be very uncomfortable but just know, you are worth it! You learn to identify & single out your strongest skillsets, hoping they bring you new customers, a new job, or a NEW career. With that being said, I’m learning to reinvent myself! Join me tomorrow & EVERY Wednesday for my Wine Down Wednesday podcast! #leadership

Cliff Locks (@cliff_locks) Instagram Profile Photo

Cliff Locks

How To Effectively Handle Conflict Within Your Team Without Becoming the Bad Guy ⠀ #leadership

Chris Varela (@cvarela505) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Varela

Ed Andrew | Podcaster | Coach (@edandrew_) Instagram Profile Photo

Ed Andrew | Podcaster | Coach

"It is never too late to find your voice, it is not what happens to us but what we do with life that matters" I was immensely privileged to host the wonderful Madeleine Black on the Human Impact podcast. She shares her journey from being gang raped and left for dead at 13, to being on the TEDx stage and talking around the world about her story, helping other victims of abuse, both men and women find their voice and start their healing journey. It is a story which I know will resonate with many and as Madeleine says don't ever die with a secret that is shameful as it will hold you back. Madeleine's voice is so powerful and emotive that I need to say little more. Talking points - working with the Forgiveness Project - finding gratitude as a first step to heal 23 years later - doing the deep immersive painful work to heal - her journey into psychotherapy - writing her book 'Unbroken' - Supersurvivors - the different paths of her father and aunt after Auschwitz the full shownotes and download are at apple podcasts at spotify at and all your favourite podcast channels podcast #leadership health

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