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Anthony Kent McClaren (@anthony_mcclaren) Instagram Profile Photo

Anthony Kent McClaren

Border Grill Downtown Los Angeles

Raising a glass with my law partner Greg Perleberg. Every leader is a combination of 3 qualities- The Visionary, The Closer, and the Producer. I'm more the Closer/Producer. Greg is the Visionary/Closer. As a partnership we are unstoppable. up

Jasmine A. Mines, JD, MPH (@ms_jasmine_mines) Instagram Profile Photo

Jasmine A. Mines, JD, MPH

Now that actor/comedian Kevin Hart has been released from the hospital after sustaining three fractures to his spine that required back surgery, it is said that he is now in the process of preparing a lawsuit against Speedkore, the company who built his beastly 720-horsepower Plymouth Barracuda that was powered by a modern 6.4L Hemi V8 and topped with a Whipple supercharger. In addition, the driver, Jared S. Black, and the backseat passenger who sustained minor injuries, have also hired lawyers due to the lack of safety equipment in the car which is said to have a roll cage, airbags, and five-point harnesses. They believe the addition of these safety features would have prevented their injuries. Yikes!! • • • • • ...up

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🏈 Sunday Night Football 🏈 • Let’s do our part to keep the roads safe! 🚫No DUI🚫 • Call a friend, 🚕 etc... • Who’s your team?

مشاوره حقوقی رایگان (@moshavereh_free) Instagram Profile Photo

مشاوره حقوقی رایگان

ضمانت اجرای کسانی که در بورس سهام ارزان شرکتی را خریداری کرده و با تبلیغات و اخبار کذب آن را گرانتر می فروشند چیست؟ ضمانت اجرایی جرم دست‌کاری قیمت را می‌توان در 3 شاخه کیفری، مدنی یا حقوقی و ضمانت انضباطی بررسی کرد بدین معنا که ضمانت اجرای کیفری ارتکاب بزه دستکاری در قیمت مجازات مندرج در صدر ماده 46 قانون بازار اوراق بهادار است . در این ماده 3 ماه تا یک سال حبس تعزیری یا پرداخت جزای نقدی معادل 2 تا 5 برابر سود بدست آمده یا زیان متحمل نشده یا هر دو مجازات پیش بینی شده است. اعمال این اشخاص دقیقا منطبق با فیلم گرگ وال استریت است. up

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