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Zoë Lawton (@law.with.zoe) Instagram Profile Photo

Zoë Lawton

Auckland, New Zealand

Many moons ago I did my masters thesis on paternity, which covered a whole range of issues including paternity testing, paternity fraud, and big old paternity whoopsies for lack of a better term. I’ve always found this stuff fascinating because as a female I can’t imagine not knowing whether there are little baby Zoës out there in the world I don’t know about or little baby Zoës I’m raising as my own biological kids when they actually aren’t related to me at all. As I’ve written media articles on these topics over the years I’ve been contacted by many people who’ve shared their experiences and more recently I’ve been working for a paternity testing lab so I feel like I’ve heard of almost every scenario under the sun (but you never know!) If this stuff is up your alley the cover article of @northandsouthmag explores how people are finding out paternity related news accidentally through mail order genetic testing kits like 23 and Me and 📫📦 I was interviewed and there is a hilarious academic looking photo of me under the arches of the High Court (out of shot is a judge having a cheeky ciggie). 🤓 ofinstagram

Megan Zavieh (@zaviehlaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Megan Zavieh

Atlanta, Georgia

I am honored to speak at the 12th Annual Criminal Law Seminar at Archives in October. Join the conversation, Professionalism in the Digital Age, on October 17th at 11 am. For information on registration, contact 770-471-9000. #lawyersofinstagram

Danielle Murray (@daniellemurray28) Instagram Profile Photo

Danielle Murray

👋🏻 rare selfie post #lawyersofinstagram

ASAP Process Service (@asap_process_service_915) Instagram Profile Photo

ASAP Process Service

After serving this morning, I went to Simply Nutrition/Mesa!❤❤❤❤ #lawyersofinstagram

Sheila LaCivita (@sheila4corners) Instagram Profile Photo

Sheila LaCivita

LATLC Day of Dignity for the Homeless provided hot lunches, showers, toiletries, shoes, clothes, towels, healthy snacks, medical services and job searches for hundreds of homeless people in ofinstagram

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