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Dan Gattis

Georgetown, Texas

Wednesday afternoon Williamson County officials had to close Chandler road due to a major wreck. There were injuries, it is unclear how severe the injuries are or how many people were injured. We just want to remind everyone to be safe this weekend! Pay attentions to the road, drive cautiously, and please stay off of your phone.

TINE-ANONA IFUNANYA (@thefixerlawyer) Instagram Profile Photo


Abuja, Nigeria

SWIPE TO SEE THE MEMO Been emotional since I heard this yesterday. Talk of FINANCIAL INVOLVEMENT IN REVERSE MODE. you deposit cash , you are charged , you withdraw kuma , you are also charged . No escape route. See eh my people...from the way I see it , do not be surprised if you ever see your neighbours digging holes to safe keep their money at least the termites will not charge them. Lol But jokes apart oo What do you think will be the effect of this? -People will hoard money as such making money less in circulation. -This will encourage a cashless economy. - The banks , bankers and government will get richer while taking a tow on the citizens. Please let's gather round and talk about this . Honestly! What do you think? Let me go and find my piggy bank first.. Good morning! #lawyerofinstagram

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