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Stefanie Basso

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Vicente Sanchez Cuchillo

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La Chica De Rosa🎀

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Lilia (Brekke) Hall

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Jennifer Shemirani - Altinpa

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@royaltyworldinc • • • • • • Una vez más casa llena!! GRACIAS #LasVegas

Picasso (restaurant)

Having dinner while being surrounded by US$250Million-worth art, original Picasso🖼🖼 #lasvegas

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Ria Charisse - Las Vegas, NV

Here's the end results of the Cinnamon Rolls I made for the "first time" with the correct recipe. Yesterday I found the worse recipe on that everyone is so keen about. I think the baker who posted her recipe is maybe not hers. It looks like she copied it from another blog and made it hers. It didn't worked for me...its hard as a boulder! I normally trust recipes from them because I've never failed like I did yesterday although there's many reviews but there's not a single postings with their end results. They simply just gave their 2 cents. If it was me I'd post my finished product and give my review. . . Today I checked out recipe and it worked out great. For amateur bakers this is very helpful. It even showed step by step instructions from activating the yeast all the way to the end results which tells me they know what they're doing. I know there's millions of recipes in the internet but some don't have reviews so you can't really tell if you're gonna have a positive result. So glad I tried Tasty's recipe. Tomorrow I'll have breakfast. Yum! . . . . . everything you need for your we are local and your .com in #lasvegas . .

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