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Live Athletic

Live Athletic

Stage 2 running rehab following partial ACL rupture. ... Considering many lower limb injuries are sustained ‘without contact’ and in the act of running with changes in direction, it is really important that you train yourself to be very good at running, cutting, side stepping, swerving, turning, accelerating, decelerating, jumping and landing. To do this we put all of our trainees who have sustained a significant lower limb injury through a 4 stage running program. ... We also know that side to side deficits between the injured and injured limb are magnified under fatigue making it super important to get high level conditioning before returning to competitive sport 😁.

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Samee Vander Velden

•Let the journey begin• This was my 2nd knee surgery, on this same knee actually. I tore my ACL as a kid years ago. This time, not only did I have a torn ACL, but also a torn and flipped miniscus, and torn cartilage. 🤦‍♀️ • The doctor explained to me that since my knees take a severely knock kneed position that it didn’t make sense to place a new ACL back in and risk another tear and more damage. Totally made sense to me, especially now since I have arthritis in that knee also. • With everything in mind, I was given the suggestion to move forward with leg realignment surgery first. At which point they would also take out the hardware from the previous ACL, clean up the miniscus and cartilage. The most simple way to explain the leg realignment is they are going to take my knock knee and make it straight.😅 • It won’t be until later on, after recovery from the first realignment until I will do the right leg realignment and the left leg ACL. It’s going to be a very long journey to recovery, but there’s no time like the present. ✨ • • • • • injury

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Malin Spång

What a weekend! Failures, sucess and fantastic autumn feelings 🍁 Linnéa love to create things so we now have an autumn painting outside made out of leaves + the nice windlass. Max liked walking in the forest for about 15min but we managed to stay for more than an hour finding different kind of mushrooms. My knee hurts quite bad from yesterday but I did get that medal 💪😀 . #kneeinjury

I needed that run so bad and my fecking god do I need rock n roll 🤘❤🏃🏻‍♀️ solo 5.2 miles, got so bored of running slow recently, I am trying to listen to my body and back off when i get pain in my knee. Felt amazing to do negative splits again #kneeinjury slipknot

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Ortopedia Refinada

... Domingo (não é assim) Este é um homem de 18 anos que estava dirigindo embriagado. Ele tem uma artrotomia traumática do joelho com laceração completa do tendão patelar associada a uma fratura intercondiliana distal do fêmur tipo OTA/AO B. Não há dicas ou truques com este caso a não ser não beber e dirigir! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ☠️ ☠️ injury

Snow Lake, King County, Washington

What a view! Almost worth busting up my knee 😭 swipe to the end for my triumph after limping and cursing the whole way down!! Thanks to all my patient friends but especially @andie.doak for carrying my pack and @instaboephe for acting as my human walking stick. Hopefully things will heal quickly and I'll be back on the trail in no time! . . . . . . . #kneeinjury

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