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Reconcile within yourself..... Heal Thy Self for Thy Self!!!! Cultivate your spirit first!!! You ARE God...made in its image!!! And that’s more than enough!!! #kingdomminded

Accra, Ghana

The oil is still available cos there are so many empty vessels...(2Kings 4: 2-6). Call on the Lord and He'll give you His Spirit (Luke 11:13). Yes, He'll anoint your head with His fresh oil (Psalms 23:5) then you set out to do whatever He leads you to do. You're a Child of Purpose. Seek the perfect will of God for your life. That's what I'm doing day by day...join me on this journey to purpose. Come to Jesus...Shalom. #kingdomminded Follow @learnt_lessons_in_life to be inspired and motivated to do more.

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Julia A'Bell

A biblical formula of RELEASE! Imagine having a heart to see people soar in every season. Blessing others as they come in and out of your life (and as they stay) is one way you ensure you are always believing for God’s BEST for them. This can be applied in every kind of relationship. (Obviously in marriage, this is a bless them as they come and stay kind of blessing. 😜) Many people will only be with you for a season... what a powerful release it is as you genuinely bless and cheer them on as they go!!! #kingdomminded

a few pics from last week. fall is finally around the corner :))) 🖤also, been feeling up and down the past month trying to get my emotions and shit together... it’s ?? going well? I think.?¿ unfortunately I haven’t picked up a pen and journaled in forever but I probs should bc I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my 🧠 that I need to process. But other than that things are surprisingly going okay. -ljp • • • • • • #kingdomminded

Set Free has being added to The "Mr. Exclusive Show" Sunday's from 8 to 10 pm on A.U.M.A Radio. To listen live visit our website @, download our in app in your play store, or listen to us from your Tune In radio app request Set Free now on the Code Clothing Hotline @ 678-408-0349 and be sure to follow us on instagram @themrexclusiveshow. #kingdomminded

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