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Lucas Li 李皆成 (@thelucasli) Instagram Profile Photo

Lucas Li 李皆成

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Cassandra L Payne

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Alfredo Cortés

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lisa• beauty lover

Nationwide Arena

Compassion ➕ One word with a strong meaning... Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another and themselves.➕ ——— What would happen if we all left anywhere we visited better then we we first saw it? __________________________________________ Shirt: @strawberryrevolution Skirt: @shoptwistedbliss Hair: @monatofficial #kindnessmatters

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When they tell me to put something about kindness up. One of my favorite quote on Pinterest #kindnessmatters

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Speaker - Mentor - Coach

”Success in your life comes down to the moments of your decision” ~ Have you ever heard that you are one choice away from a completely different life. Life is simple and we really complcate it. ~ We get what we tolerate in our relationships, careers, health, finances and in ourselves. If we want you life to be better, we need to better. All starts with rasing our standards and knowing if we want more we need to deserve more. ~ I know can be hard, because it takes such extreme ownership, but that is where the power is. ~ Huge love - Jules . . . . . # matters

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Majically News

UNEXPECTED KINDNESS: A Delta flight attendant is being praised for making a deaf teenager feel comfortable by writing a special note for her as she embarked on her first solo flight. Full story on (Link in bio) @delta - - - matters

My Big Comfy Bed

DaddyNMe @dkphatts A Sunday weLL SpenT🐶🚶🏾‍♂️

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Urban Purpose

First Baptist Church Columbiana

We had a great morning at First Baptist Columbiana. We got to share about Urban Purpose and the heart behind what we do. We talked about each of us, regardless of our past or present mistakes, being made in God’s image. We also looked at the Parable of the Good Samaritan and discussed how we would define the “success” of how the Samaritan ministered to the man in need and how we answer the question: “And who is my neighbor?” -

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