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Thomas Denning (@______thom) Instagram Profile Photo

Thomas Denning

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

- Favourite chunky one ✨🌿

North Carolina

I’m so thankful for friends who understand and share my love of epiphytes! @tdp247 is such a love and helped me acquire this big baby a while back!! Thank you, T!! Although she’s barely trailing now, one day I hope she’ll grow to become a YUUUUGE specimen 😆🤞🏼 . 🌱: Rhipsalis paradoxa

Portland, Oregon

Anthurium ‘crystal hope’ is a cultivar of Anthurium crystallinum with this gorgeous iridescent venation. I’ve had it for about four months and this is the first leaf it’s produced. I’m excited to see how big it ends up! ✨ . . . #interiorrewilding

M e g a n 🌿 (@ferndownforwhatt) Instagram Profile Photo

M e g a n 🌿

to my even though you’re really and I still haven’t repotted you, I 💚 u

Erica Allison (@helloerica) Instagram Profile Photo

Erica Allison

Portland, Oregon

Hi! 👋 I’m thinking of selling my very very variegated monstera. . It shoots out beautiful all white and marbled leaves. It’s as healthy as it can be yet all of the white leaves eventually become brown. Due to this unpreventable trait, the plant looks a bit glum overall but the new leaves make up for it. I consider each new leaf temporary beauty (and so does the internet, just look at the likes!). 💯 . Anyone interested? Should I propagate it instead and sell cuttings? ✂️🌱

Sydney, Australia

Through the morning mist, Light refracts as small rainbows; What simple pleasures . . Yes i’m a poet now

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