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Chiranjay Jayswal👑

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Virali Modi is one such brave soul and she challenges everybody around to test their metal. She was paralysed neck down,and there was no hope of her survival.After being bound to a wheelchair,battling depression,and going through excruciating physical therapy,she has shown the world what it's like to be a warrior,as her name suggests.Disabled are those who are rapists and murders.A 'disability' cannot stop you from pursuing your dreams.I want to be an actress,I'm going to keep fighting for my right to be pursue my passion.Just because my legs aren't working,doesn't mean that my right to live is over!""Self-confidence isn't when you're wearing a beautiful dress and you feel beautiful.Self-confidence is being different and unique than others, but you're at peace with yourself.It's a beautiful feeling."she said “Within the last 10 years,I gained more self-confidence and won second place in The Miss Wheelchair India pageant in 2014.I started writing about my life’s experiences on Quora and earned 126964 followers that are getting inspired and motivated by my writing, while I create a future for myself. Her activism began when she came back to India in 2008 for further medical treatment including holistic medication such as homoeopathy and Ayurveda.Right after, she wrote an open letter to PM Modi asking the government to ‘make India accessible‘ which was soon closed, the reason being that ‘the case does not pertain to the Prime Minister’s Office’.She filed a petition on for called #Indian Railways disabled-friendly and asked people to sign as a support for the cause.The campaign took off and immediately led to four railway stations in India to be wheelchair accessible.Since then, it has been growing with more and more places becoming disability-friendly including streets, sidewalks and restaurants.As an activist,she has been doing a great job in making India accessible.Motivational speaking began right after the initiative took off. She started getting invitations for sharing her experience through talks.Virali is very happy with her journey. @virali01

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