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CASA In Action

We are proud to have knocked on over 1,143 doors🚪so far in Newport News City. We're working hard 💪every day to get candidates elected 🗳️who will work for #immigrants and rights.

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Lawrence 978 Hoodie is now available on my website! Go check it out, link in mi bio!

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New York, New York

The Immigrant is staying. Don’t miss the incredibly talented @mokheirs & @atheeryacoub Proceeds: Sudanese American Medical Association #immigrants

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[𝗻𝗼𝗺𝗮𝗱] 🇺🇸

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Ai Weiwei's "Soleil Levant" art installation at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Immigrant life jackets turning into art

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Jaspal Singh

Marquette, Michigan

Picturesque, you say? Take a closer look at the truck. This is what it feels like to be a brown person in the upper peninsula of Michigan. 🇺🇸 #immigrants

. جنگ، هجرت و کودک فردا موضوع نمایشگاه غزاله بحیرایی در لیون غزاله بحیرایی، هنرمند ایرانی مقیم فرانسه، در آخرین نمایشگاه خود مقولهٔ مهاجران و پناهجویان پرداخته است؛ یعنی آنچه به اعتقاد وی، بیش از هرچیز دیگری، بر زندگی امروز خودش تأثیر داشته است. . Tomorrow's war, migration and child The subject of the Ghazaleh Bahraini Exhibition in Lyon  Ghazaleh Bahraii, an Iranian artist based in France, has addressed the issue of immigrants and asylum seekers in her latest exhibition, which she believes has influenced her life today more than anything else. Video: @euronews_persian Artist: @ghazalehbahiraie #immigrants 💬

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THE BURNING TOPIC OF CLIMATE MIGRATION: Climate change will transform more than 143 million people into “climate migrants” escaping crop failure, water scarcity, and sea-level rise, a new World Bank report concludes. The impacts of climate change are numerous. Limited natural resources, such as drinking water, are likely to become even scarcer in many parts of the world. Crops and livestock struggle to survive in climate change ‘hotspots’ where conditions become too hot and dry, or too cold and wet, threatening livelihoods and exacerbating food insecurity. People are trying to adapt to the changing environment, but many are being forcibly displaced from their homes by the effects of climate change and disasters, or are relocating in order to survive. New displacement patterns, and competition over depleted natural resources can spark conflict between communities or compound pre-existing vulnerabilities. Here 10 tips of what we can do to help stopping the climate change: 1. Reduce, reuse, recycle 2. Use less heat and less air con 3. Change to LED light bulbs 4. Drive less 5. Buy energy-efficient products 6. Use less water 7. Plant a tree 8. Avoid planes when possible 9. Consume less and consume mindfully 10. Attend demonstrations or sign petitions to put some pressure on our global leaders. . . . . @gretathunberg #immigrants

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