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Angela Rapisarda/Casa Botanica (@arapisarda) Instagram Profile Photo

Angela Rapisarda/Casa Botanica

During this evening the Alocasia frydek will be for sale in my webshop. I hope that my website will not crash (working on that by the way!) Happy online plantshopping 💚💚 . . . #ihavethisthingwithplants #💚

Rob Stacewicz (@robstacewicz) Instagram Profile Photo

Rob Stacewicz

Such great memories of Bali last year, though sadly I was only there for a few days. My room for the night was a wooden summer house called a bale. This was the entrance, a few stepping stones over a koi pond! The temperate was perfect and very comfortable at night, where I fell asleep listening to the sound of frogs around the pool and the paddy field (as seen here over the wall). The ferns were extremely happy growing on the wall, and great inspiration for one of my upcoming projects ⠀⠀ #IHaveThisThingWithPlants

crazy monstera variegata lady ( Instagram Profile Photo

crazy monstera variegata lady

’Lillan’ is bathing in the sun ☀️💚 . ’the Monster’ had a little 💇🏻‍♀️ 🤣 5 new cuttings are in the nursery now 😍💚😍 . The ’give away’ tray had 2 stem cuttings who make the race. They are soooo much more developed that the other cuttings (although some of the others have more roots. They seam to prioritize differently). So it is still time to participate in the give away. Looks like we have a few more weeks until we know the winner. (please scroll down to the giveaway post for the rules). 💚 What are your Monsteras up to? Tell me in the comments 💚 . #ihavethisthingwithplants

🍃ᑕYᖇIᒪ’ᔕ ᑌᖇᗷᗩᑎ ᒍᑌᑎGᒪE🍃 (@cyrilcybernated) Instagram Profile Photo

🍃ᑕYᖇIᒪ’ᔕ ᑌᖇᗷᗩᑎ ᒍᑌᑎGᒪE🍃

Monterey, California

If you had a dollar every time you thought of plants, how much would you have in a day? 🤔💭 I think I’d be between $20-$30 daily or tbh? Probably more! 😹 Speaking of dollar, here’s my or family. See those single leaf plants that I managed to keep alive for over a year now? Still waiting to see if they grow stems. Happy Friday Jr. guys! 🌿 • • • • • #ihavethisthingwithplants

🌿Tatiana Weska (Bones)🌿 (@lalawsk) Instagram Profile Photo

🌿Tatiana Weska (Bones)🌿

Curitiba, Paraná

Quem acompanha os stories deve ter visto na semana passada dois trevos amarelos () que encontrei em duas lojas de plantas diferentes no mesmo dia. Eram duas cuias lindas, mas muito caras, então não trouxe para casa. Essa semana estive em outra loja e encontrei mudas dela. Trouxe duas para casa. Essa é minha dica de hoje. Algumas lojas de plantas vendem bandejas de mudas, e podes comprar a bandeja ou por unidade. É uma forma de ter variedade de plantas em casa por um preço acessível. Na de hoje temos: cacto herdado do namorado, trevo amarelo, rosa do deserto () que compramos numa viagem pelo interior, boldo também herdado do namorado, orquídea-jóia () que morava no banheiro até dia desses, e neve-da-montanha (), que também comprei em mudas. 🌿boa quinta🌿

Espoma Organic (@espomaorganic) Instagram Profile Photo

Espoma Organic

Check out our new blog - Fall Flowers Extend the Season in the Garden and the Beauty in Your Home • • • • #ihavethisthingwithplants

Gouda, South Holland

🌱Xanthosoma sagittifolium Deze plant kende ik tot vandaag nog niet. De Tayer, zoals veel mensen 'm kennen, is een eetbare plant die al heel lang wordt gekweekt als gewas. Ik vind het blad gewoon heel mooi😁

Candid Lemons (@candid_lemons) Instagram Profile Photo

Candid Lemons

𝐙𝐙 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐭: Excellent plant for forgetful caregivers. . The reason I love my ZZ is it is very hard to kill, tolerates low light, needs infrequent watering and excellent air purifying plant. . . ☀️ no direct sun. It does fine in low light condition but the growth will slow. In natural, bright light- growth is really fast. . . 💦 water only when the soil is dry. I water it every two weeks. . . This plant is shiny in its own. Never spray any commercial leaf shine.

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