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Michelle Amanda (@l_choose_life) Instagram Profile Photo

Michelle Amanda

Greenford West London

Taking Time out to reflect on my life, to take a moment and see the progress I have made or are making is one the best things I have done for myself and family. ° A clear mind away from the noise of everyday life, helped me to make one of the best and yet hardest decision I have made in my career life. ° I feel hopeful for the future and the path I am on, life changes in a moment, we are not promised tomorrow but we can still plan for it. We can still look forward, creating memories that we are happy to look back on. ° I am ready and happy to live with the consequences of my decision and choice🙏🏾 #ichooselife

• Jessica Louise •🌻 (@jessica_mixon92) Instagram Profile Photo

• Jessica Louise •🌻

This. This is everything. #ichooselife

Amanda Lee Sutherland🌈💜💙💚💛🧡❤ (@rebel_woman_keto) Instagram Profile Photo

Amanda Lee Sutherland🌈💜💙💚💛🧡❤

Stafford, Texas

I'm not sure if I'm back on my bullshit or back off the bullshit but here's my dinner. I had a very productive day. I took my puppies to the dog park twice Organized my bathroom Washed all of my bedding and made my bed Cooked 3 pounds of pork belly in my air fryer Cooked 10 pounds of NY strip on my grill Did all my dishes Cleaned the kitchen Broke down all my Amazon boxes and took them to the dumpster Put all my sparkling waters on my shelf, I have 106 cans 🤦‍♀️ Washed and put away 2 massive loads of laundry Finished unpacking Yesterday I did some grocery shopping and bought a paper shredder. Tuesday I'm steam cleaning my carpet, shredding all my old mail, buying a futon so I can have a normal living room and moving my furniture around. Being normal is freaking weird but I kind of like it. It's definitely better than the chaos I had before. Be good to the world and to yourself. #IChooseLife

Devi McD🇬🇩👸🏽Mango Lover (@spicydevi) Instagram Profile Photo

Devi McD🇬🇩👸🏽Mango Lover

Chicago, Illinois

Don’t wait on anyone to make you happy. Some of you are wasting time with men and women(your man/girl/bed companion/sex friend) deep down you know they’re not for you. YOU choose your path! Happiness/true love is not made of worry and drama , it does not hurt, it is FREE, LIMITLESS, SOLID, it LEADS so YOU can follow. It helps take away some of your fears and HOLD YOU DOWN, you shouldn’t have to worry. Some of you love being fools. I love being FULL OF LIFE. Don’t let “A FEELING” blind you -a kiss or breakfast in bed nor words without action. You should be able to let go, and do all the things you desire without worry fear or care. When you find this kind of love, be it with someone, most times it’s because FIRSTLY you’ve found it withIN yourself. LIFE HERE ON OUT IS EVERLASTING. #ichooselife and full of

Manda Bruder/Gracelynn's Gang (@copycatmanda) Instagram Profile Photo

Manda Bruder/Gracelynn's Gang

Some baby yoga and a local discount card that's all this girl needs for a great day 😂. It breaks my heart that there are people out there that wouldn't want a Gracelynn 😪 please help us spread awareness how not scary a baby with down syndrome is by sharing my account with your firends. #ichooselife

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