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A Becker's naevus is a late-onset epidermal naevus or  birthmark occurring mostly in males. It is also known as Becker melanosis. It is due to an overgrowth of the epidermis (upper layers of the skin), pigment cells (melanocytes) and hair follicles. It develops during childhood or adolescence on the shoulders or upper trunk, occasionally elsewhere. It may be triggered to develop by circulating androgens (male hormones such as testosterone), which is why it appears in males at puberty. Features of Becker naevus- A Becker naevus is a large, one-sided brown patch, sometimes over half the upper back or chest. After puberty, it often becomes darker and quite hairy, a feature also called hypertrichosis. Occasionally, acne may develop in the naevus. Follow @dermadrama26 for more such posts... #hypertrichosis 's_naevus

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A happy cat is a cat with a full belly! I have no doubt that you want my happiness Mom !! 😉 * Un chat heureux est un chat avec un ventre plein ! Je ne doute pas que tu tiens à mon bonheur Mom !! 😉 * * #hypertrichosis  

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Unequaled overgrowth inside and out—an exceptional example of hypertrichosis overlying plexiform neurofibroma. Link in bio. . . . #hypertrichosis

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TOPIC 🔥 it’s a rare side effect, but there is the possibility that clients can develop paradoxical hypertrichosis after a treatment of hair removal, from waxing, epilation or laser hair removal. ONLY a laser aesthetician, with ample experience, knowledge, know how and honest advice can help mitigate and eradicate the risks and symptoms of paradoxical hair growth. We at SKINTOLOGY pride ourselves on all our years of experience, knowledge, honest advise & the KNOWHOW, to ensure that this risk is mitigated from the outset. We have a blueprint for success and our clients results speak for themselves, so choose wise and carefully when investing in laser hair removal, not all laser aestheticians are made equal :) #hypertrichosis

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