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Melina Partoo (@melinapartoo) Instagram Profile Photo

Melina Partoo

چرا رنگ ماه هنگام خسوف به رنگ زرد مایل به سرخ دیده می‌شود؟ سرخ شدن ماه قبل و بعد از خسوف و نیز هنگام عبور از ناحیه سایه روشن زمین به این دلیل است که با عبور نور خورشید از اتمسفر زمین، پرتوهای آبی آن در جو زمین پراکنده می شوند و فقط نورهای زرد و قرمز آن به ماه می‌رسند. با انعکاس یافتن این نورها از سطح ماه به طرف زمین، چشم ما ماه را به رنگ نارنجی می بیند. Why does the color of the moon appear to be yellowish in the course of a lunar eclipse? The lunar rays before and after the lunar eclipse, as well as when passing through the Earth's bright shadow, are due to the sun's passing through the Earth's atmosphere, its blue rays scattering through the Earth's atmosphere and only its yellow and red lights reaching the moon.As we reflect these light from the moon to Earth, our eyes see the moon in orange.🌕🌏☀️🌠🔭 . . . #hubble orange

Astronaut love Galaxy (@astronautluvgalaxy) Instagram Profile Photo

Astronaut love Galaxy

Ok, so lets do the math..😅😅😅

Meteorlu Kahve (@meteorlukahve) Instagram Profile Photo

Meteorlu Kahve

Greenpeace Deutschland

Doğaya zarar veren tek canlının insan olması... Böyle giderse Grönland'da 2050 yılına kadar yaz ayları tamamen buzsuz hale gelebilir. Öte yandan, iyimser seneryoda bile 2100'e kadar okyanuslar 60 ile 90 cm kafar yükselmeye devam edecek. #hubble

Sour Truth (@sour._truth) Instagram Profile Photo

Sour Truth

The neutron star, called J0740+6620, is a rapidly spinning pulsar that packs 2.17 times the mass of the sun (which is 333,000 times the mass of the Earth) into a sphere only 20-30 kilometers, or about 15 miles, across. This measurement approaches the limits of how massive and compact a single object can become without crushing itself down into a black hole. The star was detected approximately 4,600 light-years from Earth. One light-year is about six trillion miles. These findings, from the National Science Foundation-funded NANOGrav Physics Frontiers Center, were published yesterday (Sept. 16) in Nature Astronomy. • For more astronomy stuff make sure to follow @sour._truth and don't forget to leave a Like and Share with others Also Tag someone and Comment your opinion below • #hubble          

QUANTUM GIG | Science Beneath (@quantumgig) Instagram Profile Photo

QUANTUM GIG | Science Beneath


: Follow => @quantumgig : : You got your Answer? No? Then swipe the Post* : Now let's see what's the Proof? => In September 2002, two US scientists made some very accurate measurements of the position of a quasar as it passed behind Jupiter. They argued that the exact amount of apparent motion of the quasar (as the path of the radio waves from it was bent in Jupiter's gravitational field) depended on both the speed of light AND the speed of gravity. The measurements they took then proved that the speed of gravity is the same as that of light, ruling out some of the more bizarre modifications to the laws of gravity which have been proposed, and further backing General Relativity (BBC news article on the experiment). =>More recently, LIGO's first detection of gravitational waves coming from a binary neutron star set an much more accurate limit for the difference between the speed of light and the speed of gravity: the difference is just 10-16 times the speed of light. This bound set by LIGO's detection makes us feel confident that the speed of gravity is, for almost all practical purposes, equal to the speed of light. : Data => : By => Hawk🦅 - - - - #hubble

Professor Rafael Irigoyen (@purafisica) Instagram Profile Photo

Professor Rafael Irigoyen

Sim, o Ciclope virou meme! E tá bombando! E como eu sou nerd e tenho essa compulsão inevitável de ver física em tudo, é claro que tem física no meme do Ciclope . Pega a dica: um filtro tem sempre a cor que ele permite passar através dele. . Pra entender, pensa no papel celofane, (aquele colorido e transparente). Pega um desses na cor vermelha e coloca na frente de seus olhos. Você vai ver tudo meio avermelhado através dele (tá entendendo o meme do Ciclope, né?). . Isso acontece pq ele é um filtro vermelho, que deixa passar a luz vermelha e bloqueia as outras frequências. O objetos ficam avermelhados porque somente essa cor está chegando aos seus olhas através do papel. . O Ciclope usa lentes de quartzo rubi para controlar suas rajadas. Como esse material é vermelho, ele acaba enxergando tudo vermelho e criando um dos memes mais nerds dos últimos tempo. . Como é bom ser nerd! . . . . . . . . #hubble

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