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V͓̽A͓̽L͓̽ V͓̽I͓̽C͓̽E͓̽ (@valvicetattoo) Instagram Profile Photo

V͓̽A͓̽L͓̽ V͓̽I͓̽C͓̽E͓̽

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Dead Entertainment

They say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all." ...But let's try, people! Let's hear about some of the brighter moments in Claudio Fragasso's ! gram

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Well that’s my weekend sorted! 👍🏻😁🤩 ———————————————————— via @ftlohorror For The Love of Horror is proud to host the biggest and most complete reunion of the original Loser's Club so far. This is the first time all 6 of our guests have appeared together at a convention. Most recently they all appeared together in Pennywise, The Story of IT, a comprehensive documentary about the making of the classic mini series, due for release this year. Photo price for the losers club plus Henry Bowers group shoot is on sale now priced £80 DONT FORGET YOURE BALLOONS 🎈🎈🎈

Jon The Butchers Boy Biddle (@jonbiddle_author) Instagram Profile Photo

Jon The Butchers Boy Biddle

Renton gestured to a group of well-built men in the corner. He guided Alex’s arm in the direction and as they approached, a slim, attractive black woman, she smiled at Renton, parted her , “I pink inside like all the white girls, wanna have some fun?” She said in a Caribbean accent. “You’re alright, sweetheart,” Renton said, he flashed his warrant card. The girl closed her and returned to her drink and raised an eyebrow. Excerpt from my book The Harvester available on Amazon, copy and paste the link and grab yourself a screamer. #horrorgram

early wip pics of upcoming bust I'm producing. alot going on here, its insane. The Thing, Hellraiser, Lovecraft influences and Norm's crazy awesome style. sculpted by my bro @normmeyers gram

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