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Believe in the impossible! (@l_eishh) Instagram Profile Photo

Believe in the impossible!

Kiran Dwarika (@kiran.dwarika) Instagram Profile Photo

Kiran Dwarika

l a u r e n • j o s e p h (@healthy.lojo) Instagram Profile Photo

l a u r e n • j o s e p h

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Wandering Swordsman

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_the_realtor ®

Shelby Howard (@_shelbyhoward) Instagram Profile Photo

Shelby Howard

Ganice Morgan Austin (@ganiceaustin) Instagram Profile Photo

Ganice Morgan Austin

Oakland, California

Another 1st time buyer living the American dream of home ownership. Congratulations to this wonderful family and I wish you nothing but happiness in your new home. . Are you looking to buy a home in ? Give me a call or send me a DM - I’d love to help 😀 DRE. . . . . . #homeowner

MainVue Homes (@mainvuehomes) Instagram Profile Photo

MainVue Homes

Thanks to everyone who came to our annual new Mainvue Homeowner Empowerment event at Greenvale in Auburn this past Saturday! We had homeowners from all around the Puget Sound come by to learn about landscaping, cabinet and flooring care, home maintenance and design tips. We can’t wait to do it again next year!leif

NRL Detroit (@nrl_detroit) Instagram Profile Photo

NRL Detroit

Another day 🏡😊 Another happy client who was turned down by a lender without the knowledge and experience we have @nrl_detroit Do you or your clients need help getting pre-qualified? Call NRL Mortgage today 866-208-6300! #homeowner

Marla Calley Premier Title (@marlacalley) Instagram Profile Photo

Marla Calley Premier Title

Chandler, Arizona

THAT’S A GREAT COLOR for @converse! Yeah, they are but I’m going to touch on this week’s Conversation Starter. . You can start a conversation simply by talking about someone’s shoes. You could be standing in line at the store, at the doctor’s office or out to coffee. These are all places where we tend to be looking down. . I challenge you to find an interesting pair of shoes the next time you’re in public, look up and start a genuine conversation. . Don’t forget to try to fit it that you’re a Realtor without being salesy.

Tia Whitaker (@tiaismyrealtor) Instagram Profile Photo

Tia Whitaker

Congratulations to my newest Multi-family owner Sha-Ronn‼️‼️ This deal was nothing short of a miracle and Sha-Ronn really trusted me to get him to the finish line. Through developer issues, appraisal issues and repair issues we negotiated and fought and he was able to walk away with a renovated triplex (3 units) all renovated, with a low mortgage payment 🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Welcome to mortgage free living and the land of landlordship! . . . . #homeowner

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SoleilEnergy Inc.

Feel great knowing you’ve chosen the most efficient and reliable solar backed by an industry-leading warranty.

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