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🇲🇾Cili dari biji cili kering yang dibeli dari pasar. Senang juga tumbuh berbanding cili biasa 🇬🇧 Peppers from store-bought dried pepper seeds. This variety seems easier to grow compared to normal peppers . . . . . .   #homegrown

Getting ready to make marmalade. You can tell it's home grown fruit, it's not picture perfect. Lemons are from our garden and the oranges and mandarins are from the neighbour's. #homegrown

Stay Frosty (@dabcaptain15) Instagram Profile Photo

Stay Frosty

"Unpredicted decisions leads to the ripest Fruit" Garrett Cain 9-21-19 #homegrown

Man Beer Shed (@manbeershed) Instagram Profile Photo

Man Beer Shed

Harvest day. Cascade hops. I think. I had a choice of golden or cascade I think I planted cascade. If you can tell the difference please tell me. So I ended up with 2.8 oz of hops. Not to bad. #homegrown

Cure of the earth (@cureoftheearth) Instagram Profile Photo

Cure of the earth

Just wrapping up the day... we are putting in long days as we head into harvest mode.. I love every minute of it.. time is suspended... the body transcends fatigue...immersed in sensing the finish... the weather informs... the trichomes are milky... the terpenes are expressing themselves intensely..the honey drops and layers or diamonds glisten in the headlamp light...the machines churn at is almost time to completely surrender to the harvest.

Basil delight - late night #homegrown ~

It’s that fabulous time of year again as we spring into action and get the gardens planted for our summer crops. #homegrown

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