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Ryker Nylon Gear (@rykernylongear) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryker Nylon Gear

👍 @solodefense - - - - - - Dots, glocks, M&P, irons. Fundamentals are fundamentals. Grab some @outdoor.dynamics and go practice. Secondly, always have a med kit and learn how to use what's in it. The @rykernylongear ankle kit is really convenient. Lastly...those @the_empire_gear_co slaps tho. _________________________________ #holosun

Micro Red Dots and Optics (@holosunoptics) Instagram Profile Photo

Micro Red Dots and Optics

This one is for all the AK fans.. Who else is running a Holosun on an AK?⁠⠀ ⁠⠀⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Photo by @Down_Range_photography⁠⠀ #holosun

Kennedy Space Center

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.

Stefan Wilkens (@stefan.wilkens) Instagram Profile Photo

Stefan Wilkens

World of Paintball

Testen und probieren! #holosun

Silent Legion Suppressors (@silentlegionsuppressors) Instagram Profile Photo

Silent Legion Suppressors

@Regrann from @rutsen_eagle - The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. Protect your soul like @aamanda__rose with a reliable force multiplier. • Get your next @inforce01 light and save 20% with code “Recom20” • Follow link in bio! ________________________________________ @glockinc @holosunoptics @silentlegionsuppressors @s3fsolutions @federalpremium @unitytactical ________________________________________ #holosun

South Carolina

Used this Glock in Tactical Response Fighting Pistol class this weekend. The gun is a Glock 19 gen5 mos with Holosun 507c and Night Fision sights. Very impressed with the quality of this gun and set-up. 💯 reliable with no cleaning or lube. @glockinc @holosunoptics @night_fision @barracuda_tactical @tacticalresponse @mfceoyeager #holosun

Iron County Shooting Range

Just a reminder this Saturday 9 /21/19 is our steel match. This weeks stages will be Outer Limits, 5 to go, Smoke and Hope and a fun stage. Please bring sunscreen, eye and ear protection, 150 rounds of ammo for each class you shoot and a handgun or rifle in any caliber from .22lr to 45ACP. Entry is $10 per class. Sign up is at 0930 and the match begins at 1000. If you need to stock up on 9mm or .223 ammo head to and use code "Badger" for 10% off of their already low prices on competition ammo loaded to just the right power factor #holosun

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