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-Making deals with the dead- Hand engraved Jefferson nickel. Engraved mostly while listening to The Devil makes three. It's up for sale, Dm for details. #hobocoin

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Hocus Pocus

Awesome magickal coins we just got in stock! One design is Baphomet & the second design is a YES/NO coin to help you make all your important decisions. #hobocoin

De-he-hecent, boys! Havnt done any coins in awhile. #hobocoin

Hobo Nickels Coin 1985 One Dime Rosie Skull Genuine Hand Engraved By M Lyness. The dime is a 10 cents coin and has a skull engraved on Roosevelt on the front and on the back we find the artist's signature between the torch and the two oak branches. Unique collectible coin in its kind (OOAK). coin                            

Hobo Nickel Coin 1936 Buffalo Raised Butterfly Copper Hand Engraved by by spanish artist Quesada Q. His signature is engraved on the edge with a Q. An artistic masterpiece. This coin is One of a Kind (OOAK) coin                            

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