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fingers almeida (@almeidadedos) Instagram Profile Photo

fingers almeida

Repost @exercitoportugues_oficial adeus bom amigo! Every one I have talked to who served for Portugal only have the best things to say about this workhorse. Still not completely out of the picture but this great rifle has finished her service. #hk91 @rollerlyfe @hk_addicts @hk_rollerlock_addicts

Buffalo Range Shooting Park

What better way to spend your bday? Brought out the new PTR91 .308💪🏻 #hk91

Mike's Gun Shop, Inc. (@mikesgunshopma) Instagram Profile Photo

Mike's Gun Shop, Inc.

Mike's Gun Shop, Inc.

These two MA-compliant PTR91s came in today. These are some great looking HK91 “clones” made in South Carolina. PTR guns have gained great reputation as a quality. These two are spoken for, but we can get more! All for a about 1/3 the cost of a HK91! #HK91

Spanish CETME Modelo C with, and without, its Toledo bayonet. The infamous German G3 was developed from this rifle after Belgium gave Germany some headaches when the Germans wanted to adopt the FN FAL... . . . . #hk91

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