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{♤ایم❤ جممن♤} (@mr_batmeez__56) Instagram Profile Photo

{♤ایم❤ جممن♤}

🙏😎_ROCKY__😎 🙏 (@mr._mk._official__1___4___3___) Instagram Profile Photo

🙏😎_ROCKY__😎 🙏

travel & plussize blogger 💃 (@bettinaviolabarth) Instagram Profile Photo

travel & plussize blogger 💃

travel & plussize blogger 💃 (@bettinaviolabarth) Instagram Profile Photo

travel & plussize blogger 💃

ABHAY 🔪(MR.MOGAL CHORU) (@abhayghaskata) Instagram Profile Photo


Humza Arshad (@humzaproduction) Instagram Profile Photo

Humza Arshad

🔰❕---🇸‌âmsţyl🇪👑‌ 🇵‌rÎn🇨---❕™ (@999kush_) Instagram Profile Photo

🔰❕---🇸‌âmsţyl🇪👑‌ 🇵‌rÎn🇨---❕™

Christopher Ma (@yiolut) Instagram Profile Photo

Christopher Ma

Wooly Tuna Freelance

My new song ‘Little Things’ is now on streaming services!!! | written, recorded, produced by me | album art: a pic of clippings taped to my closet door | from my WIP album EVERY NIGHT. #hate

Noémi Bartos (@naimah_hastanc) Instagram Profile Photo

Noémi Bartos

Megkérdezték a sámánt Mi a méreg? - Bármi, amiből a szükségesnél több van, az méreg. Lehet az hatalom, lustaság, étel, egó, ambíció, hiúság, félelem, harag vagy bármi más. - Mi a félelem? A bizonytalanság el nem fogadása. Ha elfogadjuk a bizonytalanságot, akkor kalanddá válik. Mi az irigység? - Nem fogadjuk el a jót a másikban. Ha elfogadunk jót, akkor inspirációvá válik. Mi a harag? - Nem fogadjuk el azt, ami felett nincs hatalmunk. Ha elfogadjuk, akkor toleranciává válik. Mi a gyűlölet? - Nem elfogadni az embereket, ahogy vannak. #hate

Steven Blondee Burt💁🏽‍♀️ (@145eastparade) Instagram Profile Photo

Steven Blondee Burt💁🏽‍♀️

The face when your driver talks to you about his life, career, and you don't give a fuck and wish he would shut the FUCK! ASAP up🤦🏽‍♀️ #hate

Brussels, Belgium

LIMIT OF HUMAN LOVE. any man who has once declared the other man to be a fool, a bad fellow, is annoyed when that man ends by showing he is not. . MALICE IS RARE. most men are much too concerned with themselves to be malicious. . ECONOMY OF KINDNESS. kindness and love, the most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse, are such precious finds that one would hope these balsamlike remedies would be used as economically as possible; but this is impossible. Only the boldest Utopians would dream of the economy of kindness. . LACK OF INTIMACY. lack of intimacy among friends is a mistake that cannot be censured without becoming irreparable. . BALANCE OF FRIENDSHIP. sometimes in our relationship to another person, the right balance of friendship is restored when we put a few grains of injustice on our own side of the scale. . MAKING THEM WAIT. a sure way to provoke people and to put evil thoughts into their heads is to make them wait a long time. This gives rise to immorality. . F. Nietzsche- Aphorisms of love and hate. . . . #hate

Rene Sanchez (@rene4789) Instagram Profile Photo

Rene Sanchez

Windows en serio que te odio!! #hate

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