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the pursuit of pew-pew-pppppew (@secondamendmentdaddio) Instagram Profile Photo

the pursuit of pew-pew-pppppew

I've never been a glock guy, but this gun has me questioning whether ot not i want to be one! Haha. Have you seen the carbon fiber/stainless glock slide beauty that Culper Precision just released? I cant even begin to explain it so go check out their page for more info! . @Regrann from @culperprecision - The perfect slide didn’t exist... until we made this. Shout out to @killerinnovations and @nomaddefense perfect combination for a perfect slide! Available for purchase later this month. . . . . . . #gunreviews

In "a call to patriots" i am searching out and testing budget gear because i know that that is what so many people are looking for- and many dont have an Ar yet just because you dont know where to start. Here is a good place NOT to start, with @missionfirsttactical These are the worst mags i have ever seen in my life, and i have owned a few @promagindustries's As of right now if your a budget patriot, stock up on mags from @magpul and @lancersystems while you can! s

Real comments, from what i am afraid could in fact be a real person. For MANY people, once they have been convinced to invest in something for ANY reason, they believe that it is the best, and have a mission to proselytize to others- even if they have NO first hand experience with the product at hand. This isnt about bashing on the brands mentioned at all, its about what the absolute heck is going on in this persons brain, if anything. #gunreviews

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Nic La Lanne

San Antonio, Texas

It’s been 23 days now since this video and I’ve been able to grow my channel by 200 wonderful subscribers! Feeling a sense of pride for sure. Working on my next 2 videos at this moment. #gunreviews

The Woods

BB-Guns are cool too! Review video on My GP-20 Combat CO2 BB-Gun will be going up on the channel tomorrow morning! Make sure to tune into it! -20 s

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