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The sound of that @griffin_armament Rev9 in the K configuration 😍 also this is shooting one handed and you can see how low the recoil is on the @zenithfirearms MP5. You can also hear the bolt slapping forward which shows how quiet these cans are. check out @raysgunsdallas if you are interested in picking one of these up.

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The Gat Gallery

Firearms Pictured: Arsenal SLR107CR Caliber: 7 62x39mm Optic: Aimpoint Micro T1 Definitive Arms DAG13 Gas Block Zenitco Furniture Griffin Armament Suppressor Mount Surefire Scout M600 Weapon Light #GriffinArmament #GriffinArmament

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Aaargo Jay

I protect my family with my gun. My gun protects me. My Flag protects my gun. Basically what that means is... My Flag protects me, my family AND my gun. Make no mistake what I'll do to protect ALL three. Period. #GriffinArmament

Some people DM’d me about my light set up on my MP5. I do thumb over bore because my @eotech sits above the front sight good but this will not be super effective if you use irons or a co witnessed aimpoint. I like this set up a lot and can’t wait for the @trexarms light mount to come out so I can push it more towards the end of the gun when suppressed. And to answer your question, yes, I am a hand model.

9mm blasters. @griffin_armament running their sling on the mp5 which must have been made for it because it’s the best sling I’ve found for it. Both suppressors are griffin rev9s. @zenithfirearms ZR5S with a @midwestindustries handguard. @arisakadefense 300 series light with a @surefire_llc ST07 pressure pad. I’m using double sided tape to keep it mounted. @eotech xps2 sitting on top. One @glockinc 19 and one 17 with a @leupoldoptics Delta Point Pro. #griffinarmament

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Super stoked for this @condition1cases case. Gonna be a perfect way to transport from home to range.

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Alex Morgan


You know you’ve chosen the right optic and rifle when you’re 7 year olds first rifle shot nails the target!! EOTech 300blk optic and Sons of Liberty Gun Works for the win! ________________________________ @eotech @sonsoflibertygw @griffin_armament #griffinarmament

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