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@gretathunberg brings tears to my eyes. 😭 She is truly my hero. #gretathunberg

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Was Gretl alles kann...😂😉 #gretathunberg @geraldgrosz

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Sebnem Spector

New York, New York

On Friday, Eva Su and I will be joining the students in NYC for the climate strike. State schools will allow students to take part in the strike and they won’t be penalized. Greta Thunberg will give a speech and I’m so excited to be there. It’s going to be one major event of 2019 and I’m hoping that it will be the start of some immediate change around the world. At least a spark. It is time to act now, 10 years from now will be too late. I’m deeply proud of these young people who could challenge the mischiefs of the politicians. Power to the youth💪🏻💙 Cuma günü New York sehrinde yapilacak iklim krizi grevine katilacagiz Eva Su ile. Binlerce ogrenci saat 11’de okullarindan cikacaklar ve protestoya katilacaklar. Valilik ogrencilerin o gun icin izinli sayilmasina izin verecek. Pek cok kurum ve is yeri de calisanlarina izin verecek. Greta Thunberg de bir konusma yapacak. Bu tarihi bir gun ve dilerim tum ulkelere sicrar politikacilara kafa tutan bu genc cocuklarin azmi. Cok heyecanliyim!💙 #gretathunberg

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LGBTQ Support/Meme Page

This isn’t lgbtq but it needs to be said. Science says that we have 11 years left to turn this climate crisis around. That’s not long! People always think of global warming as something that’s happening slowly but will never really have an impact. I see the impact everyday. This is happening now. Our present and future are in danger. As young people, we are the ones who will be left with a burning world unless we do something. Across the world this friday there is a climate strike happening. I’m going to one near me. Are you? Even if you can’t go to a strike, you can walk out of work or school into the streets for a little while with your friends. Bring signs if you can. Please show our home the love it deserves 💕 • • • • Tags #gretathunberg

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