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Michael Gatty (@useventphotos) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Gatty

So happy! A second tourism group has come aboard as a new client, booking us for a 5 day PGA event in November . Like our @travadventure show booths, each day will feature a different sponsor, promoting their service with photography. #greenscreen

Murat Durul (@mdurul) Instagram Profile Photo

Murat Durul

Döggingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Filmen, Fotografieren mit Leidenschaft #greenscreen

HighMountProductions (@highmountproductions) Instagram Profile Photo


Interviewing @aymillmusic about his Journey trying to build a music career 🙏 He is actually in a music school to get knowledge and time to persue his dream. Would you want to go to a music school?

Kaushik Balasubramanian (@kaushikbalasubramanian) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaushik Balasubramanian

Update Studios

Meanwhile in an alternate universe. Professor Kaushik comes out to teach his Trigonometry class. His OCD does not allow him to trust the Harvard university white boards so he decides to bring his own white board to teach. The class goes well for the next half an hour and the students still do not notice that he took LSD before the class . . . . . . #greenscreen

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