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Dylan Carlsen

Powerline Tattoo

Can’t wait for some more tattoo therapy next week! #greekmythologytattoo

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진박 / jinbak

블랙앤그레이 포세이돈 작업 사진입니다. #greekmythologytattoo

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Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Two Guns Tattoo Bali

Zeus and Hermes | Greek Mythology Themed forearm sleeve done by Jimmy Toge Swipe to see more 👉👉👉

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Wepwawet 🏹🐺 The Egyptian Wolf God of War AKA Upuaut, Wepawet or Ophois ● Many people don't know that Anubis and Wepwawet are two separate Egyptian deities. • Wepwawet is often depicted as a bluish or grayish to avoid confusion with Anubis. Wepwawet was God Of War and Scouting. His name means “the opener of the ways”. His name is thought to refer to the paths through the underworld, but may refer to the choices throughout life. As such Wepwawet was also thought to act as a scout for the army, “opening a path” to allow them to proceed. In the “Book of the Dead” he leads the deceased through the underworld and guards over them on their perilous journey Through this, he was associated with Anubis, eventually being considered to be his son. Wepwawet was the local deity of Lycopolis, which mean “the city of wolves” in Greek. His relationships with the other gods was confused by the merging and shifting of roles throughout Egyptian history. Nonetheless, Wepwawet is The True Wolf in the Egyptian history books!! Follow us for more history and mythology! @onewolfunited . . . . #greekmythologytattoo

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