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Santhosha Vigneshwaran D (@santhosha26) Instagram Profile Photo

Santhosha Vigneshwaran D

Chennai, India

What you are seeing is the oldest - still existing storm ever known to Mankind! Oh sorry! Did I forget to mention that it's in Jupiter? Great Red Spot (GRS) : The Great Red Spot is an high pressure anticyclonic storm on the Southern Equitorial Belt of Jupiter. Believed to be first observed by Italian Mathematician/Astronomer Giovanni Cassini in 1665 ( may have existed since before ), the GRS has been there for ~ 354 years The size of the storm once used to be twice the width of Earth, however now it's 1.3 times the width of Earth. 1.3 TIMES THE WIDTH OF EARTH - can you imagine that? And it's still just a point on Jupiter's surface! This means, the Great Red Spot can become a Great Red Memory in our lifetime! Reference : [1] [2] Orientation : Left side - North, Right Side - South Location : Chennai, India Imager : Google Pixel 2 (Afocal Photography, using 5 inch telescope) For more Pictures/Info like this, you can follow my page : Photons from the Past #greatredspot

L.A. Astronomical Society (@la.astronomical.society) Instagram Profile Photo

L.A. Astronomical Society

The seeing last night was the best it has been all week. I took a great shot of Jupiter, with it's moons Io and Ganymede. This image is a stack of the best 10% out of 5,000 frames. I even took a short time-lapse movie with about 8 time steps. (Celestron 1100 EdgeHD, Televue powermate 2.5, ZWO ADC, and ZWO 290MC)            Credit: Brian Paczkowski @iceman.from.titan - LAAS Image captured, July 2019.

Robert Krawczyk (@robert_krawczyk) Instagram Profile Photo

Robert Krawczyk

Jupiter with Ganymede (left) and Io (right) moons animation from observations 18.08.2019 📹📷🔭 Sky-Watcher Mak-Cass 150/1800mm ZWO ADC corrector ASI 120mc UV IR Cut-L filtr EQ5 Goto mount. Prime focus cropped. 6 images stacked and merged 18 minutes total rotation. Have a nice weekend 🌌! #greatredspot

Intellectual Blasphemy (@intellectualblasphemy) Instagram Profile Photo

Intellectual Blasphemy

Promise - this is the last Jupiter post. This photo is much better than the previous deleted ones, as you can clearly see a band as well as the Great Red Spot! Some black-gray dots are likely due to dust somewhere on the camera lens, a problem on which I spent hours troubleshooting without success. Regardless... Jupiter! #greatredspot

August 12th, 2018, over a year ago I went and imaged 5 planets in one night. A record for me. For the most planetary images in a single night. Some planets were past their opposition date and wasnt at an ideal time for capturing. Looking back. I probably should have just waited out Uranus as it was behind some trees during the night and I think if I had given it several more hours it would also be part of this collection. Maybe next time..🤷🏼‍♂️ at least the planetary conditions were very good during capture. Orion 127mm Maksutov telescope, zwo224mc/adc, 1.5X barlow. . #greatredspot

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