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Gabriel R. (@gabitto06) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriel R.

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Ryann (송 준해)

Brianna Mo’Nique 🌸 (@officiallybrii) Instagram Profile Photo

Brianna Mo’Nique 🌸

Cynical Mermaid (@cynicalmermaid) Instagram Profile Photo

Cynical Mermaid

This was me in 2017, my third year of school counseling, the day before students returned from summer break. I miss those students and my career as a school counselor everyday. I think anyone who looks at this picture can see how excited and happy I was to begin another year of counseling. For anyone who, like me, worked after your masters and before beginning your doctorate, did you feel a loss of identity when you transitioned to being a full-time PhD student? The first thing I told people before was “I’m a school counselor.” Then all of a sudden I didn’t have that anymore. But, I remind myself when the program gets hard that my passion for school counseling position which so badly needs to be advocated for, and the students I served who deserve mental health services in the school setting, are the reason I am doing this. Always remember your reason. #gradstudent

While I do love all the swag, I’d really rather just pay less for my pass. Can I choose that option next time @ikonpass? #gradstudent

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Kimchi ramen soup for dinner! The noodz are under all these veggies. All I did was saute up some onions, ginger, garlic, green and red peppers and then simmered some broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans with some premixed kimchi spice I keep on hand. Then I topped it with green onions. That's it! Also, this is all produce! #gradstudent

Heather Rose (@physicswitch) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Rose

New apartment = new bathroom selfie. #gradstudent

Lauren Freeman ✨💫 (@_lolafree) Instagram Profile Photo

Lauren Freeman ✨💫

I’m coming to you live with a . Post graduation has been the most eye opening and humbling experiences for me. It’s been a whirlwind trying to find work in my undergrad field that pays well. But luckily this won’t be the last grad pic I’ll take because I was blessed with the opportunity to continue my education in my life’s passion, being a therapist. So catch me again in 2022 with my locs flourishing underneath my cap as I earn my Master’s and become a licensed professional counselor 👌🏾✨🙏🏽 . . #gradstudent

Alyssa Elizabeth (@kteachergoneketo) Instagram Profile Photo

Alyssa Elizabeth

Ate at the “Cafe” tonight, made a delicious dinner with Eben in the real kitchen afterwards (he loves to cook), then watched movie as a family all before heading in to lock myself in my office for hours of grad school work tonight. Making time for being a mom, wife, student, and teacher drives me to insanity sometimes. I just have to remember that it will all be worth it in the end. #gradstudent

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