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Hector "Mr. Positive"

Corona, California

“Mana Concert” . What’s your favorite “Mana” song? . #gq

terry williams (@mr_williamzz) Instagram Profile Photo

terry williams

😂"Look lil girl. Let me kick some game to you. Disneyland aint cheap. So thats why you need to get an education and a great job so you can pay for this stuff. Since i dont have either. I dont want to hear about you wanting to get mickey hats, bubble wands and any other souvenir or snack. You are going to eat these peanut butter and jelly samaches me and @mrs_williamzz made and you gonna be happy and grateful you hear me young girl." J/k just having a good ol silly goofy time. My baby girl knows the game she knows how to milk daddy 😍 . . .          #gq                         

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