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Erin J. B. White (@erinjbwhite) Instagram Profile Photo

Erin J. B. White

Stretched my 💪Maker Muscles 💪 to create these trophies for a Firefly ComicCon panel we hosted two years ago. 🏆 . . Cut the medallion out of plexiglass on a laser cutter and spray painted Dollar Tree dinosaurs and draw organizers to create the base. . . 🦖 “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” 🦕 . . #glowforge

Custom Work in September (2/3) I've been working on customs this week! Some of them go back as far as June, so it's nice to be getting them completed and sent out. Between extra shifts at Joann and completely cleaning out the bottom floor of the house, I've fallen behind a little, but I'm catching up now. I'm really glad to say, most of these custom snapback orders came through the new website! I've got a new order tracking system in place thanks to @callicake_cosplay, and it's making things so much easier now. You can get your own at: #Glowforge

My kiddos saw something similar to these blocks and decided we needed to “make better ones”. They helped me from start to finish— painting the blocks, design the perfect face for each block, painting the individual pieces, and helping me glue them to each block. They are so excited with how they turned out, and for I thought I’d show you our assembly process ❤️ I currently have four sets ready to be sold ($15 +shipping)— with all earnings going right to my little entrepreneurs ❤️ #glowforge

Sam Hernandez (@samcandoo) Instagram Profile Photo

Sam Hernandez

Northside Village, Houston

New video today! Happy Hispanic heritage month!! In today’s video I use my @glowforge laser cutter to create both paper and wood papel Picado designs! This was such an easy and fun project thanks to @glowforge ! Link in my bio! . . . . . #glowforge

LuAnn Smith (@redstonesigns) Instagram Profile Photo

LuAnn Smith

Add a little something extra to a bottle of wine and you have the perfect gift! Wine glass cutouts and tags available at @sweetrickedyredos1 #glowforge

ReformedRoasters (@reformedroasters) Instagram Profile Photo


I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with Reformed Roasters coffee and the Puritans! This Jonathan Edwards bookmark is from @thereformedsage for $3.99. . . . . . . . #glowforge

Cynzplace (@cynzplace) Instagram Profile Photo


Scottsdale, Arizona

Wood earrings are being loaded in the shop. These so far are my favorite. I might paint the light colored wood part in a silver or pink for my pair. Ya just never know about me lol. Oh wait maybe blue. . What color would you want yours? . #glowforge

Drifting🌊Purpose🌞 (@driftingpurpose) Instagram Profile Photo


Surf City, New Jersey

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn . . . #glowforge

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