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Handleit Grips


Monday, did you ?

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AimTact | American Gun Page🇺🇸

Tag a buddy that needs one these! Follow @aimtact 🇺🇸 Follow @aimtact 🇺🇸 via | @blackrainordnance

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Mac Defense Industries

We get a lot of questions about the MAC19 and PRIME19: ❓⤵️ The MAC19 is a user customizable complete firearm package (including the base G19). You spec it, we build it. • The PRIME19 is a quick ship version, with the most popular pre selected features. Both can have optics, lights and other accessories added. • • If you still have questions, shoot us a call, email, dm, carrier pigeon, or pony express. We answer them all! . . . . . sdaily

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