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Jess Bowers (@themrsjboww) Instagram Profile Photo

Jess Bowers

Glamazon Hernandez (@ghabi31) Instagram Profile Photo

Glamazon Hernandez

Día de monte con sol y lluvia. No siento las piernas jaja------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📷@astaroth_airsoft ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #girlswithguns

Krystle & Kassidee (@mamabeardefenseusa) Instagram Profile Photo

Krystle & Kassidee

I've been dry firing for years racking the slide completely back 🙆. I don't know why it took me getting some fun new dry fire toys (lasers) to figure it out😂. Honestly, I don't think I would have figured it out without my husband. We usually do dry fire separately. Yes common sense gun anatomy would've taught me, but it's clearly something I didn't put much thought in to. Maybe it's good to get into the habit of the full slide rack💁 I'll do more on the lasers another time. Sorry for the out of focus in the beginning.

Operator Nation (@operator_nation) Instagram Profile Photo

Operator Nation

Reposted from @blue.eyed.beauty12 (@get_regrann) - Date night 💜💜💜 Got to shoot a big boy- Smith and Wesson 357 💥 🔫 #girlswithguns -

Maddy Reese (@maddy_a.r) Instagram Profile Photo

Maddy Reese

On the way to shoot some guns!! #girlswithguns

Kickin’Brass Apparel Co. (@kickinbrassusa) Instagram Profile Photo

Kickin’Brass Apparel Co.

Fort Worth, Texas

The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. ⚠️ Suit up patriots ⚔️ The swamp is coming 💀 Get your ANTI-TYRANNY PRO 2A APPAREL 🦅 WEAR YOUR RIGHTS - Stand for freedom 🇺🇸 - Link in bio! 👉🏻💥 . . . #girlswithguns

Gosia Wisniewska (@gos.wis) Instagram Profile Photo

Gosia Wisniewska

Super jest stanąć w tym samym miejscu, co 15 lat wcześniej i czuć się, jakby dopiero coś się stamtąd wyszło. - It’s a come back after 15 years, but feels like I only left last week. . . . #girlswithguns

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